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ARTP Committees

ARTP Organisational StructureThe ARTP Executive was restructured following the 2013 Annual General Meeting at the Hinckley Island Hotel. 

In this structure, the ARTP Executive Council determines the strategic direction that the ARTP should take, and it oversees the ARTP Executive Board, with is responsible for the operational aspects of ARTP business. The Executive Board comprises of 4 primary board members, and then Commmittee Chairs (and Vice Chairs), which are responsible for specific areas of ARTP business.

The Council members comprises of:

  • An elected President
  • Four independent non-executive directors
    (Legal, Financial, Workforce / Human Resources and a Patient Representative)
  • Four Primary Executive Board members
    (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary )

Council-Board-Committee Structure

ARTP business s further broken down into 7 key areas, as shown below, which may cover several areas of operation. The last two committees, Paediatrics and ARTP SLEEP, are coloured differently as they are their own specialist areas and so are self-contained.

Committee Areas of Responsibility

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