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The ARTP Executive Council

The ARTP Council is made up of the senior (elected) officers of ARTP and the 'Independent Directors' who are appointed to oversee corporate governace issues.

ARTP Council Members

The President, as a figurehead, has a support role to the Chair and Board of ARTP and as Head of the Council ensures that decisions made by the Board are safe, legal, financially appropriate and in accordance with charitable legislation. The Council is advisory and has an influence over governance – but the passing of motions, the development of policies and procedures is the duty of the Board lead by the Chair. The Council acts to ratify those decisions provided that they fit in with any governance issues raised.

The President is the highest representative of the Association and should uphold the high status and influence of the Association to all external organisations and bodies. The President acts as a figurehead to promote the ideals, beliefs, values and objectives of ARTP at all possible occasions. They also act as spokesperson for the Association and may represent ARTP at national or international strategic/political or any initiative involving ARTP with other key organisations (e.g. BTS, Academy of Healthcare Science, Royal Colleges, DH Committees, etc).

ARTP Executive Council

Main Contacts

President of ARTP

Dr. James Hull,
Consultant Respiratory Physician

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Chair of ARTP

Julie Lloyd,
Service Lead/Consultant, Clinical Scientist, Respiratory & Sleep Investigation Department, 

Good Hope Hospital

Vice-Chair of ARTP

Joanna Shakespeare,
Clinical Service Lead, Clinical Scientist
Department of Respiratory and Sleep Sciences

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

Treasurer of ARTP

Mike Lang,
Head of Respiratory Physiology, Respiratory Physiology Department, Birmingham Treatment Centre,

City Hospital, Birmingham

Honorary Secretary of ARTP

Cara Roberts,
Respiratory Physiologist,

Royal Brompton Hospital & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


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