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Communications Committee


Aims & Objectives:

  • To maximise communications between ARTP and the membership and external stakeholders, including patients

  • To share timely information and findings on new techniques, methods, etc. with the membership and to raise the awareness of quality standards, clinical governance and service delivery.

Core Functions of the Committee:

  • Manage the committee budget in conjunction with the ARTP Finance Group

  • To produce and distribute Inspire Journal and eXhale Newsletter publications to the membership at the correct timescales (targets are Inspire 3 times per year, eXhale 3-4 times per year)

  • To assist, as needed, in the production and distribution of S-News Newsletter, which is primarily lead by the ARTP Sleep Committee

  • To maintain an up to date, informative and professional website for the use of ARTP committees, members and all website users

  • To produce and promote high quality reference information for both patients and healthcare professionals

  • To promote the service and practice of respiratory and sleep physiology

  • To facilitate and support regional ARTP groups

  • To liaise between the ARTP and other professional bodies to ensure information is shared in a timely fashion, and so ensure that it distributed to the correct people/group/committee

  • To produce standardised report formats and leaflet designs that other committees may wish to use

  • To pass all materials that is to be distributed outside of the ARTP committee through the Editorial Group to ensure that it is written and displayed to the correct standards

  • To oversee and protect the ARTP brand

  Terms of Reference - Communications


Communications Committee

Main Contacts

Communications Chair

Chris Jones, Chief Clinical Physiologist, Dorset County Hospital

Vice-Chair of Communications

Emma Ince,
Principal Respiratory Physiologist

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Editor of Inspire Journal

Aiden Laverty

Deputy Editor of Inspire Journal

Paul Burns, Respiratory Physiologist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Editor of eXahle Newsletter

Kimberley Jenkins, Lead Respiratory Physiologist, Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust

ARTP Sleep S-News Editor

Dr. Vicky Cooper, Salford 

ARTP Webmaster

Chris Jones, Chief Clinical Physiologist, Dorset County Hospital

Regional Groups Lead

Geraldine O'Connell-Ramsay, Royal United Hospital, Bath

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