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Events Committee

Aims & Objectives:

  • To plan, promote and manage conferences, events and meetings on behalf of ARTP.

Core Functions of the Committee:

  • To agree budgets for ARTP conferences, events and meetings with the ARTP Executive Board.
  • To identify and secure venues and resources (e.g. AV, stage sets, entertainment) for ARTP conferences, meetings and courses (in conjunction with ARTP Education Sub Committee Chair) working in partnership with ARTP Administration or whichever other organisation is commissioned to manage a specific event as may be determined from time to time.
  • To organise any pre-conference meetings required.
  • To identify and secure individuals to speak at and/or chair sessions at conferences and meetings.
  • To secure and maximise sponsorship income for ARTP conferences, meetings and courses.
  • To liaise with external organisations and allocate appropriate attendance where ARTP have been allocated space for a charity stand or similar.
  • To review feedback from conferences, events and meetings and distribute to Executive Board for consideration.
  • To formulate, review and update, where necessary, on an annual basis any policy documents relevant to the functions of the Events Committee.

  Terms of Reference - Events

Events Committee

Main Contacts

Events Chair

Kelly Pauley, Lead Respiratory Physiologist, Hinchingbrooke Hospital NHS Trust

Events Vice-Chair

Laura Jess


Nigel Clayton

Tracey Fleming

Julie lloyd

Joanna Purvis

Joanna Shakespeare

Emma Spence

Dr. Karl Sylvester


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