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ARTP Executive Board

The ARTP Executive Board is the link between the 'Strategic' ARTP Executive Council and the 'Operational' Committees. The board consists of the 4 senior elected posts (ARTP Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), the ARTP President, and the Chairs (or in their absence, the Vice Chair/Deputies) of each of the core committees from the ARTP structure.

The Executive Board is supported by an appointed administrator (currently Executive Business Support). 

ARTP business is conducted by 7 key core committees, each covering areas of operation. Two of the committees, Paediatrics and ARTP SLEEP, are their own specialist areas and so are self-contained.

Executive Board Structure

ARTP Executive Board

Main Contacts

President of ARTP

Martyn Bucknall, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Physiology at St Georges University of London

Chair of ARTP

Dr. Karl Sylvester, Chief Clinical Respiratory Physiologist & National Institute for Healthcare Research Post-Doctoral Fellow at Addenbrooke's Hospital

Vice-Chair of ARTP

Ms. Julie Lloyd, Good Hope Hospital

Treasurer of ARTP

Emma Spence

Honorary Secretary of ARTP

Tracey Fleming, King's College London


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