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Paediatric Committee

Aims & Objectives:

  • To promote the growth of paediatric respiratory/sleep physiology within the ARTP
  • To represent all paediatric issues within the ARTP

Core Functions of the Committee:

  • To provide member representation on the ARTP committees where needed
  • To provide a structure that allows for the development of paediatric respiratory/sleep physiology within the ARTP
  • To maximise and promote opportunities for collaboration, networking and information sharing between paediatric physiologists
  • To provide and manage an email forum for paediatric physiology issues
  • To update and manage the paediatric section of the ARTP website

  Terms of Reference - Paediatrics

Paediatric Committee

Main Contacts


Paul Burns, Higher Specialist Respiratory Physiologist, Yorkhill RHSC, Glasgow

Vice Chair

Position Vacant


Andrew Morley

Emma Fettes

Dr. Jane Kirkby

Kylie Russo

Laurie Smith


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