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Sleep Committee

For more information about this section see the ARTP Sleep Section.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To establish and promote the highest quality and standards of care and practice in sleep study measurement, therapy and physiology in the UK
  • To develop training and education programmes in agreement with national workforce strategy (i.e. Modernising Scientific Careers) so that there is appropriate training structure for careers in sleep measurement
  • To provide accurate, relevant and appropriate independent information for all practitioners measuring sleep in a clinical setting
  • To provide a voice for respiratory sleep departments in the UK to other relevant organisations (e.g. DH, BSS, BTS, ERS, NICE, etc.).
  • To provide accurate, relevant and appropriate independent information for all patients who may be having measurements during sleep or who have a sleep disorder.
  • To provide a conduit of communication and forum for sleep practitioners, whatever their background, and to act as a professional body to represent the views of sleep physiologists to national organisations and consultations. This is likely to include a website, email forum, committees and meetings as required to develop these objectives.
  • To advise on Quality and Standards of sleep measurement.
  • To advise on development of education and training standards for practitioners in sleep measurement.
  • To advise on any issue related to the measurement of sleep in clinical practice where physiological measurements are required.
  • To advise on equipment, service provision, standards of care and quality measures of sleep services.

Core Functions of the Committee:

  • Development of education and training standards for practitioners in sleep measurement. (This will include the development of curricula for diploma, degree and postgraduate courses.)
  • Development of Quality and Standards of sleep measurement as well as Standards of Care for patients with sleep disorders
  • Work towards regulation for sleep measurement practitioners onto the Health Care Professions Council or AHCS registers.
  • Raising the profile of Sleep nationally, and lobbying for improvements in funding, service provision and infrastructure linked to a strong PR Campaign aimed at key resources providers.
  • To co-ordinate the interested parties in sleep measurement including scientists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, manufacturers and most importantly patients
  • To feed in to and co-ordinate with the ARTP Sleep Apnoea Consortium and other relevant organisations (e.g. BSS, BRPT) on issues which are of national and international importance to practitioners in sleep measurement and therapy.
  • To develop training qualifications from NOS Competences for personnel responsible for the provision and support of sleep services linked to the ARTP/BSS/BTS Sleep Course
  • To develop a Voluntary Code of Conduct of staff for the detection and treatment of sleep disorders.
  • To develop consensus statements to respond to consultations, guidelines and recommendations form DH, Royal Colleges, SIGN, NICE or other relevant organisations (both national and international).
  • To work in conjunction with ARTP sub-committees in advising on the content of the Sleep –track for the ARTP annual conference and at National Stratgey Day.

  Terms of Reference - ARTP Sleep


ARTP Sleep Committee

Main Contacts

Sleep Co-Chairs

Sara Parsons

S-News Editor

Alison Butler

Education Lead

David Clough

Expert Advisor

Prof Brendan Cooper

Dental Expert

Dr Kate House

Research Lead / Expert Advisor

Dr Adrian Kendrick

Standards Lead

Alan Moore

Secretary / Paediatrics

Andrew Morley


Kylie Russo

Medical Expert

Dr Ian Smith

Dr. Victoria Cooper

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