Research & Innovation

The ARTP Research Group is part of the ARTP Scientific Committee structure. Its role is to raise standards of respiratory physiology by supporting research, innovation and dissemination of best practice. To do this it will:

  • Support and advise researchers at all levels, providing advice on feasibility of projects, protocols, Patient Information Sheets, aspects of the ethics submission process and sources of possible funding.
  • Support, through the ARTP networks, studies that members of ARTP or other research/scientific staff such as BTS, ARNS, ACP etc. wish to undertake. and where the co-operation of centres in the UK would benefit the study.
  • Commission research projects which will be of value to Respiratory Physiology and Respiratory Measurement, both as single centre studies and where multi-centre studies are required.
  • Advise industry, where requested, in aspects of respiratory measurement and physiology in relation to studies that industry is commissioning – i.e. drugs trials etc. The ARTP Research Group will provide independent advice on the relevant scientific aspects of the study, and advice on the level or grade of staff required to undertake the studies based on national guidelines. A fee will be charged for this service, payable to the ARTP.


ARTP Research and Innovation Committee

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Research and Innovation Chair

Edward Parkes

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