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Workforce Committee


Core Functions of the Committee:

  • To actively promote respiratory physiology as a career

  • To keep abreast of career and workforce development issues and ensure that the membership is fully informed

  • To represent ARTP on regulatory committees ( e.g. RCCP, AHCS, ACS)

  • To understand and communicate regulatory issues to the membership

  • To promote continuing professional development

  • To promote ARTP membership to both respiratory physiologists and non-physiologist disciplines.

  • To review all applications for ARTP membership

  • To review all job vacancy advertisements

  • To write and review standards pertaining to workforce.

  • To oversee the ARTP disciplinary panel and represent the ARTP on regulatory body disciplinary panels as required.

  • Ensure workforce section of the ARTP website is up to date.

  Terms of Reference - Workforce


Workforce Committee

Main Contacts

Workforce Chair

Sara McArthur

Workforce Vice-Chair

Currently Vacant


Kelly Backler

Tracey Fleming

Sara McArthur

Rosemary Fillingham

RCCP Liaison

Claire Stacey


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