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ARTP Survey 2005

1 March 2006

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ARTP Survey 2005

In August 2005 we conducted the ARTP Survey to update the information last collected about respiratory physiology services in 2003. The data collected at that time has proved invaluable in helping us in our work representing the profession at a national level.

It has been used to inform decision makers such as the Department of Health and the Workforce Numbers Advisory Board and ensure that realistic data is being used in many situations, for example, in calculating the number of training posts funded nationally and estimating the current diagnostic capacity of the NHS.

These figures are not available from any other central source in the UK. The data collected in the survey is also used to compile the British Thoracic Society directory of laboratories. It is the most robust and reliable up to date data currently available about the respiratory physiology workforce in the UK.

The survey collected data on the department, staffing, equipment and procedures performed (including workload and waiting times) giving a comprehensive view of respiratory testing services throughout the UK. In this article some of the main findings are delivered but the database will be used to answer questions as they arise. Given the reliability of self reporting data, it is assumed at the outset that any shift of greater than 5% is likely to be a significant change throughout this paper.

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