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ARTP Survey 2012

22 January 2014

Download ARTP Survey 2012

The ARTP has periodically conducted surveys of respiratory services and staffing. These surveys date back to 1995 and the last survey was conducted in 2005, which was then the most comprehensive survey to date. The data collected at that time has been used extensively by the ARTP to inform interested parties, in particular the Department of Health, the Workforce Review Team (England) and the Centre for Workforce Intelligence and has been recognised as the best reference dataset for any Physiological Science group.

This survey addresses the number and type of staff working nationally as well as the types of tests and facilities available in UK lung function and sleep departments.

The findings reported here are from the most recent survey, which was conducted electronically in February 2012, and brings this dataset up to date providing a revised snapshot of respiratory and sleep diagnostic service provision in the United Kingdom.

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