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ERS membership FAQ


What benefits do I get from joining ERS through a national society?

If you join ERS through your national society, you will receive the full benefits of being an ERS member, including unrestricted access to ERS publications, webcasts, scientific content, and discounts to conferences and events.


If I’m already a member of ERS, do I ned to cancel my existing membership?

No. Your membership data will be automatically updated and your ERS membership fees will be included in the national society’s membership fee.

If I’m already a member of ERS, will I need new login details to access ERS material?

No. Your previous existing login details will remain the same.


Do I have to pay for the new membership?

In most of the cases you will not have to pay anything extra to your current national society’s membership fee. The reduced ERS membership fee of €20 will be included in the benefits package of the national society.

Some national societies might charge an equivalent incremental fee according to the provisions of their constitution and bylaws. 

How will my current membership with my National Society change?

You will have access to ERS membership benefits in addition to unchanged access to your national society’s membership benefits. You will also have access to the new joint benefits that will be created by as part of the joint collaboration programme.


I am not a member of my national society, can I still be a member of ERS?

You can become a member of the ERS by applying directly as before. However, if you are eligible, you will need to become a member of your national society to benefit from the reduced ERS membership fees. Please note that by choosing not to be a member of any of your national/regional societies, a unique ERS membership category applies. The annual fee will depend on your eligibility to join one of your national/regional societies. Please complete the online application process through your MyERS account.


I am a member of a national society outside of Europe, will my society still be eligible?

Yes. All national societies worldwide will be eligible for the new ERS membership programme. In most cases national societies outside Europe will be incorporated with endorsement and in agreement with the corresponding regional society.


I am a member of my national society, but do not want to be a member of ERS. Can I opt out?

Yes, you can. An opt-out system will be included when you are informed about the new ERS membership programme from your national society.

Who should I contact for more information about the new programme?

If your national society has already decided to be part of the scheme you can contact them directly for more information. If your country is not part of the scheme, you can contact ERS directly who will be able to let you know if your country is in discussions with ERS about the new programme:


What if i have free silver membership (under 35) with the ERS?
If you still hold the free silver membership and are under 35 you will not need to opt-in until this has expired.  
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