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Membership of the ARTP

Membership of the ARTP is open to individuals and companies working in the field of Respiratory Clinical Physiology.

Current ARTP members include :-
  • Clinical Physiologists
  • Clinical Scientists
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Equipment Manufacturers

Practitioners may join as a member of ARTP or just as a member of ARTP Sleep if their area of practice is limited to sleep. See 'Membership Structure' for details of the different types of membership available.

Below you can find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions concerning membership.

Please check these before contacting ARTP Admin with any queries.

Membership FAQs

I do not live in the UK, can I still apply for membership?

Can my company apply for Corporate membership of ARTP, and what are the benefits?

How do I apply for membership?

How do I notify ARTP of changes I make to my personal details?

How do I renew my membership?

Is it possible to hold joint ARTP/ARTP SLEEP Membership?

When is my ARTP membership renewal due?

Which membership tariff should I apply for?

Who will deliver the ARTP SLEEP aims and objectives?

Sleep Membership FAQs

Can I apply for ARTP SLEEP Membership only?

How much is ARTP SLEEP Membership?

I am an existing ARTP member but wish to renew only as a member of ARTP SLEEP. Is this possible?

Is it possible to hold joint ARTP/ARTP SLEEP Membership?

What are the expectations for ARTP SLEEP Members?

What courses will be offered by ARTP SLEEP?

What will ARTP SLEEP Membership offer?

Who should join ARTP SLEEP?

Will I have to pay an additional membership fee/renewal fee to include ARTP SLEEP with my ARTP membership?


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