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Our History

ARTP was founded in mid 1970’s and was a member of FAMT (Federation Association of Medical Technology). In the early years a regional structure was attempted but was replaced with a single national committee.

Membership grew from 32 in 1978 to currently (2012) around 700. It is estimated that more than two thirds of practising respiratory physiologists in the UK are ARTP members.

The Journal (originally called ‘Breath’ now 'Inspire') was first published in 1978. Conferences were held nationally twice a year until 1998 when a single large Annual Conference in the winter was established. The ARTP joined the Conference of Clinical Scientists in 1996 and remains a member of ACS.

The first National Assessment Part I Exam was in 1986. Links with the BTS started in the mid 1980’s and the joint examination board (ARTP/BTS) was approved 1992. The first Part II Practical Examinations were completed in 2004. The online e-Spirometry Course was launched in 2011.

In recent years ARTP is increasingly involved at a national and international levels in clinical respiratory issues and promoting educational and quality standards.  


Wedge Bellows Vitalograph 

Vitalograph Wedge Bellows

Measuring Gas Transfer

Measuring Gas Transfer

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