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Certificate in Blood Gas Sampling and Analysis

In recent years the number of health care professionals, other than doctors, taking blood gas samples, either by arterialised capillary or arterial sample, has significantly increased.  Although nationally agreed standards have been published for the performance of blood gas sampling and analysis, staff performing these tests are not always aware of the standards or the competencies to which they should be working. Staff are often not formally trained in the procedure and have not been assessed in the practical competences and skills frequently fall way below the acceptable standard.  It is vitally important that all blood gas sampling and analysis is performed to recognised standards to ensure accurate and reliable results.

To ensure that patients are appropriately investigated and monitored the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) have developed a Certificate of Competence to demonstrate the proficiency of practitioners to perform such measurements.
The ARTP Certificate of Competence in Blood Gas Sampling and Analysis has been introduced to demonstrate a recognised standard for those practitioners who complete the Blood Gas Certificate program.
Aim and format of the program:
To provide a competence based assessment for the performance and analysis of blood gases by arterial/arterialised capillary samples
The assessment consists of the following elements:
1) Portfolio of evidence 
2) Log book
On registration for the Certificate, you will be sent your registration number and guidelines for completion of the portfolio and logbook. 


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