The list below is a guide to those courses we believe are most relevant to your day-to-day practice:


Many physicians do not perform actually perform spirometry, but are required to interpret the results and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest interpretation strategies and reversibility criteria. The ARTP e-Spirometry course allows the flexibility to come and go in the comfort of your office, wothout having to visit an ARTP Spirometry centre. There are also end of module assessments you can take, to see where your current strengths and weaknesses ly.

Lung Function Test Reporting

For those physicians who are completing their trainng in general practice or respiratory specialism, this course is designed to provide indepth knowledge of lung function results and relationships. It covers how to critically analyse test results, and how to interpret lung function results and relate these findings to disease processes and or clinical diagnosis.

Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing and Interpretation

This course is split into two distinct parts:

  1. Practical aspects with underpinning knowledge
  2. The clinical interpretation of exercise tests

This course is highly relevant to respiratory consultant and specialist registrars, and anaesthetists.

Respiratory Muscle Testing and Interpretation

This course aims to review respiratory muscle function in health and disease, describe the available techniques for examining respiratory muscle function, discuss the selection of clinically appropriate assessment techniques and demontrate their practical application. This couse is ideally suited for specialist respiratory physicians.


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