Conference Programme

  Conference Programme 2016

We hope you find our programme for 2016 truly outstanding. To help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we have brought together speakers  who have infinite wisdom, breathtaking expertise and one in particular who has literally had an out of this world experience. We have brought together sessions to cater for all levels of knowledge and skills in respiratory physiology, from junior sessions discussing lung function interpretation and blood gas interpretation to providing masterclasses for more experienced members.

Plenary Session - Extreme Physiology

Helen Sharman - Card

Helen is one of our prized speakers this year. After studying at Jordanthorpe Comprehensive, she received a BSc in chemistry at the University of Sheffield in 1984 and a PhD from Birkbeck, University of London. She worked as an engineer for GEC in London and later as a chemist for Mars Incorporated dealing with flavourant properties of chocolate.

Soyuz TMA-12 LaunchAfter responding to a radio advertisement asking for applicants to be the first British astronaut, Helen was selected to travel into space on 25 November 1989 ahead of nearly 13,000 other applicants. The programme was known as Project Juno and was a cooperative arrangement between the Soviet Union and a group of British companies.

Before flying, Helen spent 18 months in intensive flight training in Star City. The Soyuz TM-12 mission, which included Soviet cosmonauts Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev, launched on 18 May 1991 and lasted eight days, most of that time spent at the MIR space station. Helen's tasks included medical and agricultural tests, photographing the British Isles, and participating in an amateur radio hookup with British schoolchildren. She landed aboard Soyuz TM-11 on 26 May 1991, along with Viktor Afanasyev and Musa Manarov.

For her Project Juno accomplishments, Helen received a star on the Sheffield Walk of Fame.

SpacesuitLately Helen is part of the senior management team for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing at Kingston University in London. In her role as technical manager, she is responsible for overseeing a range of specialist facilities and laboratories used for teaching and research activity.

We are grateful that Helen is coming to talk to us about Training For and Living in Space.

PK Morgan Memorial Lecture

Forty Years of Respiratory Physiology - Professor Mike Hughes, London

Keynote Lectures

Sleep Apnoea: Past, Present and Future - Dr. Renata Riha, Edinburgh

Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Can We Synchronise Watches? - Dr. Ian Smith, Papworth


Conference Programme

  Conference Programme 2016


Transfer Factor of the Lung for Nitric Oxide (TLNO) - Liam O'Reilly

Imaging - Dr. Iara Sequeiros, Bristol

Junior Sessions

Blood Gas Interpretation

Lung Function Interpretation

Paediatric Session

Respiratory Care of Paediatric Neuromuscular Patients - Dr. Colin Wallis, London

The transition to Adult Care of the NIV Patient - Professor Anita Simonds, London

Interesting/Difficult Paerdiatric NIV Cases - Andrew Morley

Sleep Sessions

Alternatives to Positive Airway Pressure

Bariatric Surgery - Mr. Bruno Sgromo, Oxford

ENT and Snoring - Mr. Matthew Oluwole, Birmingham

Dental Perspective - Dr. Roy Dookun, Guernsey

Adaptive Servo Veniltation (ASV)

Introduction to ASV and other Intelligent Modes of Ventilation - Professor Anita Simonds, London

Respiratory Aspects of ASV and Intelligent Modes of Ventilation - Professor Anita Simonds, London

Cardiological Aspects of ASV - Dr. Olaf Oldenburg, Germany

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