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ARTP Conference attracts speakers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines from all over the world. Below are the biographies of just a few of the speakers that are presenting at the 2015 Blackpool Conference:

Professor Chris Corrigan, Dr. Matthew Hind, Surgeon Commander Adrian Mellor, Professor Alison McConnell, Dr. James Hull, Dr. Helen Spencer

PK Morgan Memorial Lecture - Professor Chris Corrigan: Allergy, Atopy and Inflammation

Chris Corrigan is Professor of Asthma, Allergy & Respiratory Science at King’s College London School of Medicine, the MRC Centre for Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma and Guy’s Hospital, London. His research interests include immunopathological mechanisms of asthma and allergic inflammation and phenotypes of severe asthma. He runs a severe asthma clinic and a large allergen immunotherapy service.

Plenary Session - Dr. Matthew Hind on Lung Regeneration: Concept 1

Dr Matthew Hind sees adult patients with respiratory disease. He is one of three full-time clinicians on the lung failure team at Royal Brompton. His specialist interest is lung failure, the end result of many lung diseases, sleep and ventilation disorders and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Dr Hind is lead for stem cell and regenerative therapies for the advanced lung diseases unit, a partnership between Royal Brompton and Imperial College, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Surgeon Commander Adrian Mellor: High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPE)

Defence Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia for Extreme Environments
Military personnel are frequently exposed to high altitude on deployments and adventurous training and the military has a long history of research at altitude. Adrian's work, along with colleagues from other specialities, has looked to investigate adaptation to hypoxia at altitude and strategies reducing the debilitating effects of high altitude environments.

Adrian joined the Royal Navy when a medical student and has had a career involving submarines, aircraft carriers and field hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently works as a consultant cardiothoracic anaesthetist at James Cook University hospital, Middlesbrough (when not deployed) and is a senior lecturer within the Academic Department of Military Anaesthesia and Critical Care. A passion for mountaineering has led to a research interest in high altitude physiology and illness, investigating endocrine biomarkers for disease. He has climbed in Nepal, North and South America, Pakistan and Krygyzstan leading both research trips and as a military mountaineering instructor. 

Professor Alison McConnell: Inspiratory Muscle Training in the Symptomatic Athlete

Alison graduated from the University of Birmingham with a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences (Physiology). Her transition into human respiratory physiology came after completing a M.Sc. in Human and Applied Physiology, and a Ph.D. at Kings College London. Alison has pioneered research on the ergogenic influence of inspiratory muscle training in both health [sport] and disease. Her guide to breathing training for sport, “Breathe Strong, Perform Better”, was published by Human Kinetics Inc. in 2011 (, and a more comprehensive guide for clinicians was be published by Reed Elsevier in 2013 ( In January 2014, Alison was named as one of the Science Council’s ‘Top 100 Practicing UK Scientists’.

Dr. James Hull: Assessing Upper Airways Obstruction

Dr James Hull is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, with specialist interest in asthma, unexplained breathlessness, laryngeal dysfunction and cough. His recent academic work has focussed on evaluating laryngeal function and unexplained breathlessness in athletes.

Dr. Helen Spencer: Paediatric Session on Transplant

Dr Helen Spencer is a consultant and has been the clinical lead for the lung transplant service at GOSH since 2007. The cardiothoracic heart lung transplant unit is the largest paediatric centre in Europe. Her areas of interest include patients with end-stage cystic fibrosis and other lung diseases and her current research interests include a study to look at Viral Triggers of Alloimmunity and Autoimmunity in Paediatric Lung Transplantation.



Prof. Chris Corrigan

Chris Corrigan

Dr. Matthew Hind

Matthew Hind

Surgeon Commander Adrian Mellor

Adrian Mellor

Prof. Alison McConnell

Alison McConnell

Dr. James Hull

James Hull

Dr. Helen Spencer

Helen Spencer

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