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Conference Grants

Part 1 RecipientsFor the 2018 Conference, there are five grants are available to eligible applicants. Applicants must be be fully paid-up ARTP members (from the following membership categories: Student, Associate, Affiliate and Accredited) who have been in membership for a minumum of one year. Applicants must also agree to a specific set of terms and conditions - please see below, including the downloadable documents, for the these terms and conditions.

Conference grants can be awarded for whole or part attendance at the conference. Attendance registration must be confirmed for the days funded.

ARTP Conference Grants will only be awarded to applicants where the funding required cannot be financed from other sources. If applicants have applied for funds from other sources to support them in addition to this application, this must be specified together with the additional amount required.

Remember: Conference grants are only available to fully paid-up ARTP members who have been in membership for a minimum of one year.

These grants will cover the registration fee for the conference and accomodation costs only (not travel expenses).

  ARTP 2018 Conference Grant Application Guidance

ARTP 2018 Conference Grant Application Form

The Deadline for Submission of Applications for Conference Grant Awards is Friday 1st December 2017.


The ARTP Conference Grant Award requirement is the production of a written article for the Inspire journal. This can be:

  • A piece of scientific based work
  • Results of a course based project
  • Patient case study
  • A review of the Conference
  • An article that is relevant to your fellow ARTP members

The article should be between 1000 and 2000 words and will feature in the Inspire Journal.

Those awarded a conference grant will be expected to assist with organisational tasks for the duration of the conference.

A conference grant may be applied for when an abstract has been submitted for either poster or poster/oral presentation at the conference. In this specific circumstance, a conference grant will only be considered for award if the abstract is accepted. Recipients will still be required to produce a written article as described above.

If you are applying for your registration fees as a conference grant please also specify this on your ARTP conference registration form.

Applicants will be responsible for their own arrangements for study leave from their Trust / Hospital / Department and confirmation of this should be included with the application. The applicant’s Head of Department should sign the application.

Applicants are responsible for making their own registration, travel and accommodation arrangements.

Applications for conference grant assistance will be discussed by the ARTP Executive Board, following submission deadlines. Applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome of their application as soon as possible.

The panel will choose the successful applicant(s) after perusal of the application form(s). Reasons for attending the meeting/course will figure strongly in who is chosen. Preference will be given to applications as follows:

  • Those with an abstract accepted and who have not attended conference before
  • Those with an accepted abstract but have previously attended
  • Those without an abstract but that have never attended
  • Those who don't have an abstract but have previously attended

Payment of the conference grant will be made after attendance at the meeting/course on receipt of the Inspire article.

Please specify on your application the title of your submission. Note that the Executive Board may specify a subject for you if the title is inappropriate. Please return completed travel grant application forms and completed articles to:


Articles must be sent within 6 weeks following the conference.

Conference Grant applications are only accepted via email.

The Submission Deadline for ARTP Conference Grant Applications is:

Friday 1st December 2017

Further details of conference grants can be obtained from:


This email address can be used for enquiries or to submit your grant application form.


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