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ARTP Annual Conference 2014

  ARTP Conference Programme - Provisional

Key Speakers already confirmed can be found via this link.

Programme Highlights

Our programme for 2014 is truly outstanding and there is not enough space available to detail all the sessions.  Set out below are just some of the highlights.

Keynote Lecture: Cardiology and RespiratoryHeart and Lungs Postcard

Professor Martin Cowie (London), who will be presenting on why Cardiology and Respiratory need to work together and what part can respiratory/sleep play in the identification and treatment of cardiac patients.

P. K. Morgan Memorial Lecture

The P. K. Morgan Memorial Lecture will be given by world renowned Professor John Moxham (London). The subject of his lecture is Respiratory Muscle Assessment - Past, Present and Future.

Three MasterclassesCXR Postcard

  1. Domiciliary Non-Invasive Ventilation - The State of the Art by Dr. Mark Elliott (Leeds) and Dr. Adrian Kendrick (Bristol)
  2. Imaging by Dr. Iara Sequeiros (Bristol)
  3. Introduction to Lung Function Reporting by Prof. Martin Miller (Birmingham) and Joanna Shakespeare (Coventry) 

ARTP Sleep Logo

ARTP Sleep - We continue to honour our commitment to provide a quality programme


The Sleep Track of the conference will include presentations on:

  • Who is fit To Drive? This includes the DVLA's viewpoint, and addresses how we should advise patients.
  • Narcolepsy - Diagnosis and Management and The Patient's Experience

PaediatricsPaeds Postcard

With lectures on:

  • Sleep Disordered Breathing in High Risk Paediatric Populations
  • Cognitive Deficits if sleep disordered breathing remains untreated

And includes a Paediatric Business Meeting

Management and Business Planning

There will be a session discussing Diagnostic Coding specifically relating to Respiratory and Sleep

Palliative Care

How to engage with end of life patients and their relatives. This session will use an interactive question and answer format.


British Lung Foundation Conference - Saturday 1st February

The BLF is hosting a conference about OSA on February 1. This is for all health care professionals who manage sleep services and for commissioners of sleep / respiratory services. At the conference, there will be discussion on the patient pathway for people with OSA, examination on where the BLF are in terms of national standards and discussion what needs to be done to ensure OSA is a priority in the future.

For more information please follow the link below:

Conference Programme

  ARTP Conference Programme - Provisional


ARTP Masterclass

Introduction to Lung Function Reporting

Plenary Session on War, Terrorism and the Lungs

  • Gunshot and Blast Injuries to the Lungs - Cases from Afghanistan
  • Chemical and Biological Agents

Plenary Session on Correcting Lung Volume Measurements for Ethnicity

Arguments for and against correcting for Ethnicity

P.K. Morgan Memorial Lecture: Professor John Moxham

Annual General Meeting

For all ARTP Members, to see how the Executive Board have been performing over the last 12months and ask any questions or make any requests

ARTP Spirometry

  • Becoming an ARTP Spirometry Training Centre
  • The European Spirometry Driving License

Infection - Tuberculosis and SARS/ Novel Coronavirus

Poster Presentations

Directed by Dr. Cath Billings and the Research Panel


ARTP Masterclasses

  • Domiciliary Non-Invasive Ventilation - The State of the Art
  • Imaging

Lung Volume Reduction

The Surgical Approach and the use of Bronchial Valves

ARTP Sleep & Paediatric Sleep

Keynote Lecture: Cardiology and Respiratory - Why We Need to Work Together

Asthma Through The Ages

Pallative Care

ARTP Award Ceremony and Dinner


Oxygen Assessment

  • The New Oxygen Contract
  • The Home Oxygen Service Assessment and Review (HOSAR) Perspective 










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