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Shuttle Walk Test

The purpose of this test is to see how far and fast you can walk (without stopping for a rest) by following a series of time signals.

During this test you will be asked to walk between two cones spaced 10 metres apart. You will begin by walking at a very slow pace; this pace is set by a beep. You will walk around the 10 metre course aiming to turn around a cone at the first beep, and around the second cone at the next beep.

The beep’s will very gradually get faster, which means you will begin to walk at a quicker pace, getting faster and faster until you cannot keep up with the set pace, or until you are too breathless or tired to continue.

You may be asked to wear a small probe on your finger in order to monitor your oxygen levels and your pulse rate during the exercise.

The test has 12 levels each lasting 1 minute with a minimum walking speed of 1.2 miles per hour, up to a maximum of 5.3 miles per hour. After the test is completed you will be asked to walk slowly around the course another 4 times as a cool down period, then you will rest for at least 10 minutes.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and sensible shoes for the test and do not exercise energetically for at least 2 hours before your test. Also try to avoid eating a large meal before your test.

The following video clip shows a test being performed:

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Sometimes you may be asked to perform an adaptation of this test which is called a Shuttle Walk Endurance Test which is designed to test around your best ability.

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