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Lung Function Tests

A Guide to Lung Function Testing

Lung Function Tests (LFTs) are also known as Breathing Tests, or Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs). Doctors and nurses may request lung function tests for many different reasons:

  • To assess how well we breath in and out
  • To see if our lungs are working correctly
  • Measure the lungs ability to transfer oxygen into our blood stream and remove harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide
  • Assess how medications might help with our breathing
  • To assess how well our bodies will cope if we have to have a general anaesthetic for a major operation

Lung Function Tests can comprise of one test that you have to repeat 3-8 times, and so may only take up to 15 minutes which means they can take over a hour to complete. This really depends on the reason you are having the tests. You should be given all the information you need when you receive your appointment.



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