The actiwatch looks just like a normal wrist watch and is worn on the wrist of your non-dominant hand (your dominant hand is the one you would usually use to write with) for a period of one or two weeks.

 It measures your arm movements and when downloaded will give a record of movement over the period of time that you have worn it. This helps to identify your sleep/wake patterns over a longer period of time to give an indication of your sleep quantity and timing.

You will be asked to press a button on the actiwatch when you get into bed and when you get up again at the end of your sleep period. This will assist in analysing the data and identifying the amount of time you spent in bed.

The actiwatch should be taken off only if you go swimming or in the bath/shower as it is not waterproof, but it must be worn at all other times. You will be asked to make a note of any times that you removed it.

You may also be given a diary to complete whilst wearing the actiwatch. This will ask you to write down when you eat, any exercise you take, what time you go to bed and get up and any naps you might have during the day. It will also ask you to list your medications and the times taken, when you have alcohol or any caffeinated drinks or food.

The actiwatch and diary should be returned to the department after the alloted time period so that all the information can be analysed.

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