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OSLER Test (Oxford Sleep Resistance Test)

This is a simple test that tells us how sleepy you are. Four tests will be performed throughout the day at two hourly intervals.

You will be asked to lie still and try to stay awake without using any extreme measures to do so, such as clapping your hands or singing.

You will be asked to look at a flashing light and activate a button when each flash occurs. This will last for 40 minutes and be repeated again after a 2 hour interval, up to 4 times.  If you use glasses or contact lenses you will need to be wearing them.

In the period between the tests it is very important that you stay awake. It may help if you get up and go for a walk but at no time must you take any caffeine-containing drinks or snacks like chocolate.

Once all 4 tests have been completed you will be free to go home.

You will be asked to refrain from taking any caffeine containing drinks and food from midnight the day before your test.  Alcohol should also be avoided.  All instructions will be sent to you when you receive your appointment, however, please telephone the department performing your test if you have any questions or do not understand any of the instructions.


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