Part 1 Assessment

This assessment is taken after the first two years of study, and follows the modules laid out in the Practical Handbook of Respiratory Function Testing: Part One. These modules include the performance and interpretation of spirometry, gas transfer measurements and measurements of lung volumes. There is also strong emphasis on bronchodilator administration and subsequent interpretation of spirometry post bronchodilator adminsintration.

The Part 1 assessment requires the candidates to travel to an assessment centre which will have similar equipment to those they use in their daily practice. The examination generally lasts about 3 hours, during which candidates are expected to perform measurements of dynamic lung volumes, static lung volumes and gas transfer in addition to demonstrating knowledge of quality control and calibration procedures and the administration of a bronchodilator. They are also required to submit an Individual Record of Practice (Portfolio) prior to the assessment, which demonstrates experience of performing and interpreting meaurements from a variety of clinical scenarios.

Plesse use the links below to download further information about this assessment:

  Degree Syllabus for Part 1

  Part 1 Guideline for Candidates

  ARTP Part 1 IRCP

Part 1 Frequently Asked Questions


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