Part 2 Assessment

This assessment is taken after the final two years of study, and follows the modules laid out in the Practical Handbook of Respiratory Function Testing: Part Two.

As with the Part 1 assessment, the Part 2 assessment requires the candidates to travel to an assessment centre. The examination generally lasts about 3 hours, during which the candidate with undergo a series of 6 interviews covering various modules, including arterial blood gas sampling and interpretation, overnight oximetry, field exercise tests, bronchial challenge testing, respiratory muscle function, etc.

Candidates are also required to submit a second Individual Record of Clinical Practice (IRCP, also referred to as the logbook or Portfolio) prior to the assessment, which demonstrates experience of performing and interpreting meaurements from a variety of clinical scenarios.

Please use the links below to download further information about this assessment:

  Part 2 Guidelines for Candidates

  ARTP Part 2 Syllabus

  ARTP Part 2 IRCP



Part 2 Frequently Asked Questions

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