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Academy for Healthcare Science?

In 2012, the Academy for HealthCare Science (AHCS) was successfully awarded HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) status to award statutory regulation as a Clinical Scientist to scientists working within Respiratory and/or Sleep Physiology.

Scientists exiting the new Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) Scientist Training Programmes (STP) will be in a position to apply for Statutory Regulation (Certificate of Attainment). Those currently practising will also shortly be in a position to apply for a Certificate of Equivalence, on demonstration of appropriate evidence (see below).

In addition, the AHCS has recently announced that it is starting work on an accredited voluntary register (AVR) for those working at degree/practitioner level and ARTP has attended the initial meetings. Once the standards have been written there will be a consultation period in August for thirteen weeks and we urge ARTP membership to comment. Following the consultation period, the AHCS will apply to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for accredited voluntary registration. We are not clear at this time if the AHCS and RCCP are working together on this register!

We do know that the AHCS plan to open a shadow register in June/July 2013 for students coming off the Practitioner Training Programmes (PTP).

More information is available at

Who can apply?

Work is underway determining the skills and experience required for those who may wish to apply for the Certificate of Equivalence at scientist level. Details will be available in the near future, but it is expected that this will include at least three years’ experience at the appropriate level.

The AHCS are putting together an Assessment Board consisting of Professional Body Advisors and lay assessors who will review application portfolios and undertake interviews for applicants. The AHCS are also working very closely with ACS (Association of Clinical Scientists) to develop a Joint Assessment Unit.

How much does it cost?

The costs are still being confirmed.

How do I apply?

The application process for the Certificate of Equivalence for clinical scientist is expected to open in 2013 and full details of the application process, documentation and costs will be published.

The AHCS have a working group who are currently looking at the process of equivalence as a Clinical Scientist and the qualifications, skills and experience that will be required for those working in Respiratory and/or Sleep Science. ARTP have strong representation on this group.

Further details of voluntary and statutory regulation for those working at Assistant and Associate, Practitioner and Consultant Clinical Scientist will be available in the future. The AHCS are fully supportive of statutory regulation across our workforce and are currently establishing Assured Voluntary Registers to make the case for statutory regulation.

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