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Confused About Registration?

Healthcare Science registration and regulation is becoming a confusing area for many practising professionals. It is also difficult for the ARTP Executive Board to guide members as to which path to take, as there is still much uncertainty over which group is likely to be in the strongest position to match the needs to practising professionals to the requirements of overseeing bodies.

The two main groups most members will have heard of are the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists, which was 'born' from the practising professionals and is approximately 4,000 members strong, and the new Academy for Healthcare Science, set-up by the Department of Health with the potential to have 40 - 50,000 members. But there are a few other bodies that may be more suitable for some, and these should be carefully considered. These pages serve as a guide to these bodies - who they are, what they can offer, and what is involved in order to join them and remain a member.

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Please take our survey below in order to provide us with feedback about your current views on registration/regulation. Your responses will enable us to modify the information we can offer you in the future, and help you in making your choices:

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