Registered Scientist?

Who can apply?

Registered Scientist (RSci) is a brand new award to provide recognition for those working in scientific and higher technical roles. Candidates will typically be qualified to at least QCF level 5 (Bachelor/Foundation Degree) and will be applying this knowledge to their roles.

Candidates may also meet the requirement by a combination of work based learning and other qualifications.

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How much does it cost?

Registration fee to be confirmed

How do I apply?

Applications are via the same route as Chartered Scientist (CSci).

At present ARTP are not a licensed body.

What do I need to do to stay on the register?

Although not specified expect there to be an annual requirement of CPD

What are the benefits?

RSci benefits the individual…

  • by giving you wider recognition outside of your specific discipline or sector
  • by demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and continuing high levels of competence and development
  • by reflecting the likely breadth of your career across science

RSci benefits the employer…

  • by giving assurance of the competence and professionalism of your employees
  • by providing them with a platform for networking across disciplines and sectors by showing your customers or competitors that your staff are practicing at the highest level

RSci benefits the profession…

  • by benchmarking all professional scientists at the same high level no matter which discipline or sector they work in
  • by ensuring that all registrants must be participating in CPD to continue to hold the award
  • by encouraging networking and bringing together multidisciplinary teams of professional scientists

RSci benefits the public...

  • by creating a single badge of professionalism that the public can recognise across the science professions and beyond
  • by maintaining and increasing the public’s trust in scientists through professional standards, codes of conduct and mandatory revalidation


Registered Scientist

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