BTS Paediatric Asthma Audit Findings Published

29 November 2016

Children admitted to hospital with severe asthma attacks generally receive ‘very effective and efficient’ treatment and care - but a greater level of asthma education and review is need on discharge from hospital, to help prevent future attacks and readmission to hospital - according to a new national audit published today (Tuesday 29 November 2016) by the British Thoracic Society (BTS). The BTS Paediatric Asthma Audit reviewed over 5,500 sets of data in 153 hospitals and healthcare settings across the UK in November 2015, probing the quality of emergency care and outcomes for children (over the age of one) admitted to hospital with severe asthma attacks. The full audit report can be seen on the BTS Website.

Paul Burns, Chair of the ARTP Paediatrics Committee, had this to say about the audit findings:

"Please do read the new audit published by the British Thoracic Society (BTS) investigating treatment during hospitalisation in children experiencing severe asthma attacks. ARTP are reassured by some of the outcomes of this audit, in particular the appropriateness of first line treatment in most children with acute asthma. We are pleased to see that evidence is provided of areas that can be improved. These include reducing environmental smoke exposure in these vulnerable children, ensuring each child has an asthma plan in place and inhaler technique is checked on every clinic visit. We strongly encourage all healthcare professionals working with children with asthma to read this audit and to consider smoking cessation advice for parents and carers, along with more checks regarding asthma care plans and inhaler technique."

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