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22 June 2017

 Please see an update from Tefor Watts, Chair of RCCP.


Yesterday RCCP advised its Registrants that the RCCP Council had recently agreed to continue discussions with AHCS, while at the same time applying to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for accreditation of our register.


RCCP and AHCS have been talking for two years about how we can work together to make life safer for patients and better for Clinical Physiologists. The talks started with the idea that the activities of both organisations be merged into one, new organisation. The rationale behind this is that there would be;

a)      less confusion for patients about where to check out practitioners and where to raise a concern

b)      less confusion amongst practitioners about who to register with

c)       less confusion amongst education establishments about where to get course accreditation

d)      less potential for problem practitioners to slip through the cracks between the two organisations

e)      the potential for costs savings if duplication of activities carried out by two organisations was carried out by one organisation


Throughout our talks with AHCS, the fact that AHCS run a PSA accredited register when the RCCP register does not have this accreditation, has been identified by AHCS as problematic in any of the options that we have explored. Initially our talks centred on the creation of a brand new organisation that would take over all of the activities of both organisations. However this was rejected by AHCS. The discussions then moved on to the idea of combining the two registers into one while both organisations continued their other activities. This would create a third organisation and was not supported by either organisation as it would likely fail to meet many of the objectives outlined above.


Lately an option of AHCS taking over the administration of the RCCP register was proposed by AHCS. Having taken guidance from the professional bodies who support RCCP this was rejected by the RCCP Council. However it was agreed by the RCCP Council that we still needed to talk to AHCS to achieve a goal of a single register and it was agreed that in order to remove a potential problem to this (the lack of PSA accreditation of its register), that RCCP would apply for PSA accreditation of its register. This information was transmitted to AHCS at 10.30am yesterday. So it was somewhat surprising that within 2 hours of this, AHCS had announced that they had already submitted an application to the PSA for the accreditation of a new, separate register for Clinical Physiology and that they were inviting applications from Clinical Physiologists. AHCS are, of course, free to conduct their business however they choose.


In the interests of patient safety, until and unless a workable solution to the four issues outlined above can be found, RCCP with the backing of your professional body, will continue to;

1)      Campaign for statutory regulation of all of the activities conducted by the 6,000 professionals who appear on its register and;

2)      Operate a register that sets high standards for those practitioners who are registered with RCCP. This means necessary minimum standards of initial education, necessary minimum standards of ongoing training (CPD) and a robust disciplinary process to deal with the rare instances when things go wrong. To ensure that these activities are carried out to the highest standards, RCCP will continue the application for accreditation of its register with the Professional Standards Authority.

RCCP is a well-resourced and financially stable organisation and we will continue to do deliver our aims at an affordable cost to registrants, currently less than £1 per week. We look forward to your continued support.

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