ATS/ERS Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update

13 November 2019

 Please see the below statement for your information, which is in response to the ATS/ERS Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update.

ARTP Standards welcomes the joint publication (15th October) of the Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update by the American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society, which is an update of the 2005 collaboration.
This key document takes into consideration improvements in instrumentation and interface capabilities, along with new evidence that enhances a quality-assured approach to realise best practice. This is commended to manufacturers, clinicians, service providers and researchers with the aim of increasing accuracy, precision, quality of measurements and patient experience. The key updates include; additional relative contraindications, instrumentational requirement to meet ISO 26782, quality assurance, operator training, pre-test requirements and acceptability and repeatability criteria.
ARTP Standards endorses this publication, which contributes to quality-assured, accurate spirometry performed to an international standard that ultimately aids accurate diagnosis of respiratory disease.

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