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In 2006 a group of enthusiastic, motivated and passionate international respiratory physiologists met at the ARTP Conference in Glasgow, Scotland to raise the standards and profile of the lung function profession on a worldwide scale. 

The members of the WOLFAP group were members of famous lung function organisations, but their views did not necessarily reflect the views of those organisations. 

The purpose of the meeting was to see whether it was possible to produce a global programme to enable standardisation of labs for quality, reproducibility and clinical trials based on established models of accreditation.

After the meeting the following conclusions were reached:

The Accreditation umbrella would cover training, competence, standards and quality as the key priorities. It would be centred on the current materials from participating professional bodies and the process would be inclusive, performance based, not prescriptive and approved by all interested stakeholders. This group will be driven by expert healthcare scientists, physiologists and technologists and will consult with physician colleagues appropriately.

The draft document on accreditation is now available for widespread consultation by all interested stakeholders and is being brought to AARC via ICRC to involve its member’s views and comments. We welcome your participation in the project.

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