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Breath Archive 1977-1990

Breath CoverPrior to 1990 the ARTP Journal was called 'Breath'.

The scans cannot be searched for text entries so the contents are reproduced below.

Breath Contents - 1990 Issues

Breath - Apr 1990 – Issue No.39   BREATH_V39-APR_1990

  • Editorial; The Management of Asthma
               - Where Have we Gone Wrong? M Partridge
  • Historical Development of the Gas Laws A Kendrick

Breath Contents - 1989 Issues

Breath - Mar 1989 – Issue No.36   BREATH_V36-MAR_1989

  • Editorial: Writing an Original Article 
  • Byssinosis J B Buick, R C Lowry, T R A Magee
  • (FAMTEX First Conference Flyer)

Breath - Aug 1989 – Issue No.37   BREATH_V37-AUG_1989

  • Quality Control in Lung Function using Repeatability of Tests M A Smyllie, J Foster, D Meechan, H C Smyllie 
  • Gas Mixtures for CO Transfer Factor - Production and Quality Control J H Scawin
  • Correspondence P Lockwood,
  • Reports: Spring Meeting; CO Gas Transfer Course
  • ARTP Committee Members

Breath - Dec 1989 – Issue No.38   BREATH_V38-DEC_1989

  • Measurement of Transcutaneous Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Tension during Exercise Testing R Carter
  • FAMT Combined Scientific Meeting
  • Chairman's Report 1989-90 S L Hill
  • Treasurer's Report 1989-90 E Smith
  • ARTP Committee Members
  • Guidelines for Contributors to 'Breath'

Breath Contents - 1988 Issues

Breath - Mar 1988 – Issue No.33   BREATH_V33-MAR_1988

  • Under-diagnosis and Under Treatment of Asthma C D Shee
  • Laboratory Safety 1 – Management A H Kendrick
  • Comparison of Height and Arm Span Measurement P M Tweedale

Breath - Jul 1988 – Issue No.34   BREATH_V34-JUL_1988

  • Laboratory Safety II - Practice A H Kendrick
  • The Suspension of a Mouthpiece Assembly from a Treadmill M Saunders, K Houston
  • Correspondence - A modified Mouthpiece D P Johns
  • Spring Scientific Meeting
  • (Flyers: Paddington & Nescot courses)

Breath - Nov 1988 – Issue No.35   BREATH_V35-NOV_1988

  • Chairman's Report 1987-88 S L Hill
  • Alpha-1-Protease Inhibitor Deficiency C S Hutchison
  • Annual General Meeting

Breath Contents - 1987 Issues

Breath – Mar 1987 – Issue No.30   BREATH_V30-MAR_1987

  • Editorial; How Normal is Your Lung Function? A H Kendrick
  • Asbestos Induced Disease R M Rudd
  • Nebuliser Usage in Domiciliary Practice A M Dunn, R S E Wilson

Breath – Jul 1987 – Issue No.31   BREATH_V31-JULY_1987

  • Editorial; The National Health Computer Interfacing - An Example Using the BBC Microcomputer J R Heath
  • Bird Fanciers Lung R White

Breath – Nov 1987 – Issue No.32   BREATH_V32-NOV_1987

  • Editorial; Computerization of All Lung Function Equipment, The Answer to all our Problems? A H Kendrick
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing and Screening Techniques M B Allen
  • Variability in a Set of FEV1 Measurements in Relation to Bronchodilator Response R Carter
  • Study Workshop; London Chest Hospital

Breath Contents - 1986 Issues

Breath – Mar 1986 – Issue No.27   BREATH_V27-MAR_1986

  • Editorial – Research Concern
  • Computerised Determination of Cardiac Output by Mass Spectrometry
    G T R Lewis, R B Richardson, K J Sawdon, O C Finnegan, G Laszlow
  • Infection Control in Respiratory Physiology Departments A H Kendrick, A C Viant
  • Does Nebulisation Cause Bronchoconstriction in Clinical Practice
    A Dunn, F Darvel, R S E Wilson
  • FAMT News

Breath – Jul 1986 - Issue No.28   BREATH_V28-JULY_1986

  • Editorial; To Standardize or Not to Standardize A H Kendrick
  • Survey of Respiratory Methods
  • Pulmonary Complications of Kidney Disease A Bush
  • Symptomatic Oxygen R J D George
  • Thymectomy in Myasthenia Gravis P S Simpson
  • Trans-tracheal Oxygen Treatment M H Lloyd
  • Bronchiectasis S Hill
  • Bird Fanciers Lung R J White
  • Temperature Corrections in Routine Spirometry D Cramer, A Peacock, D Denison
  • Peak Expiratory Flow Measurements- A Comprehensible Approach A Henman, D Parry
  • Effect of Freon-22 on the Analysis of CO by and Infa-red Analyser A H Kendrick, G T R Lewis
  • Cardiac Effects of Domiciliary Nebulisers J W Hadfield, A Tattersfield, A Bebbington, M Ward
  • The Management of Equipment in the Respiratory Physiology Department G Manning

Breath - Dec 1986 – Issue No.29   BREATH_V29-DEC_1986

  • Editorial; Plagues Ancient and Modern
  • Long-Term Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy A C Davison
  • In-Service Training; Practical Assessment of Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement Technicians S E Gough
  • Correspondence; Accuracy of Gas Analysis J E Cotes

Breath Contents - 1985 Issues

Breath - Mar 1985 - Issue No.24   BREATH_ISS 24-MAR_1985

  • Oral Corticosteroids in Chronic Airflow Limitation D Mitchell
  • Disease of the Airways: a symposium J Jones
  • Jet and Ultrasonic Nebuliser Systems; A Comparative Study R D Stevens, A Dunn, B Green, R S E Wilson
  • How’s Your Constitution? S Gough
  • FAMT Update S Gough

Breath – Jul 1985 - Issue No.25   BREATH_ISS 25-JULY_1985

  • Legionnaires’ Disease G Borzone
  • Transcutaneous Oxygen Measurements in the Adult Patients B J Gray
  • Computerized Analysis of Vitalograph Curves P Jenkinson
  • The Mass Spectrometer in Respiratory Gas Measurement M Buckman
  • Measurement of the Transfer Factor for Carbon Monoxide During Progressive Exercise in Healthy Smokers and Non Smokers A H Kendrick, J Cullen, H Green, M Papouchado, G Laszlo

Breath – Nov 1985 - Issue No.26   BREATH_ISS 26-NOV_1985

  • Diaphragmatic Paralysis J G Williams
  • Computer Programs for Calculation and Storage of the Results of Lung Function Tests A H Kendrick, R B Richardson, Denise Smith, A O Hughes, G Laszlo, G T R Lewis
  • Book Reviews A Kendrick

Breath Contents - 1984 Issues

Breath - Feb 1984 - Issue No.21   BREATH_ISS 21-FEB_1984

  • Editorial – Pollution, pollution…
  • An Evaluation of the LA3 Mk.2 Lung Function Analyser K A Gunawardena, A P Smith
  • Bronchial Reactivity – Its Assessment by the Histamine Challenge M J Walshaw
  • The Maximum Voluntary Ventilation P Lockwood
  • Asthma Cured by Surgery – A Case Report O Clousdey, J Elmes

Breath – June 1984 - Issue No.22   BREATH_ISS 22-JUN_1984

  • Cor Pulmonale R J D Winter
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing; Its Causes and Management M C P Apps
  • The ARTP Education Committee K Houston
  • Assessment of the Training Manual S Hill
  • The Trent Regional Experience of Practical Assessment G Lowe

Breath – Oct 1984 - Issue No.23   BREATH_ISS 23-OCT_1984

  • Editorial; Smoke Rings
  • Problems with the Body Box H R Gribbin
  • Childhood Asthma and Sport H J Heggarty
  • The Lungs and Rheumatoid Arthritis M Webley

Breath Contents - 1983 Issues

Breath – Feb 1983 – Issue No.18   BREATH_ISS 18-FEB_1983

  • Editorial – Advances and Retreats
  • Accuracy in Pulmonary Measurement A C Norton
  • Distance Learning D J Keller
  • Duplicate Measurements of Carbon Monoxide Transfer Factor and Alveolar Volume D P Johns, P D Rochford, C E Barter and J A Streeton
  • An Alternative 12 Minute Walk Test M Ogier, S Connellan, R D Steventon and R S E Wilson
  • Obituaries

Breath – Jun 1983 - Issue No.19   BREATH_ISS 19-JUN_1983

  • Why We Have a Training Manual S Gough
  • Breathlessness in Chronic Lung Disease A A Woodcock
  • Cystic Fybrosis A H Jackson
  • Respiratory Muscle Fatigue C D Shee
  • ARTP News
  • Obituary
  • Scientific Services; Introduction of Staffing Structure

Breath – Oct 1983 - Issue No.20   BREATH_ISS 20-OCT_1983

  • Editorial ARTP – Past and Future
  • Assessment of Respiration During Sleep M C P Apps
  • Bronchial Asthma; Clinical Features and Management R Rudd

Breath Contents - 1982 Issues

Breath – Feb 1982 - Issue No.15   BREATH_ISS 15-FEB_1982

  • Editorial – Ruminations
  • Diagnosis of Upper Airway Obstruction D Empey
  • The Relationship Between Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux and Bronchial Asthma D N Cooper
  • A Technician Training Scheme in Practice P Lockwood

Breath – June 1982 – Issue No.16   BREATH_ISS 16-JUN_1982

  • Editorial – Tuberculosis - A Centenary
  • Physiological Adaptations to Exercise J W Reed
  • Oesophageal Manometry and pH testing M Marples
  • Serial Lung Function Tests P Lockwood

Breath – Oct 1982 - Issue No.17   BREATH_ISS 17-OCT_1982

  • Editorial - Killer Dust or Vital Commodity
  • The Assessment of Trainee Technicians R D Moore, A E Perry
  • Pleural Ultrasound J W Hadfield
  • Exercise, Cold Air and Asthma R Heaton
  • Coccidioidomycosis R Coulden

Breath Contents - 1981 Issues

Breath – Feb 1981 - Issue No.12   BREATH_ISS 12-FEB_1981

  • Editorial – The National Fag
  • The use of Mass Spectrometer for Measuring Metabolic Gas Exchange D Cramer
  • The Federated Associations of Medical Technology S E Gough
  • Have You Looked Into Your Spirometer Recently K Houston, P Parry, A P Smith

Breath – Jun 1981 - Issue No.13   BREATH_ISS 13-JUN_1981

  • Editorial – Victims of Respiratory Disability
  • Occupational Asthma A Newman Taylor
  • Medical Memo – Sarcoidosis D C S Hutchinson
  • Sarcoidosis – A Case Report R Guy

Breath – Jun 1981 - Issue No.14   BREATH_ISS 14-OCT_1981

  • Editorial – The Harrogate File
  • Lung Sounds AR Nash
  • Sputum Sol Phase Proteins SL Hill
  • Arterial Oxygenation During One Lung Anaesthesia for Thoracic Surgery G Bradshaw & EEM Thompson
  • Medical Memo
  • Press Release

Breath Contents - 1980 Issues

Breath – Feb 1980 - Issue No.9   BREATH_ISS 9-FEB_1980

  • Domicilliary Oxygen Concentrators K B Minty
  • To Smoke is to Smoke is to Smoke Dr R G Rawbone
  • Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis Dr A Cockcroft

Breath – Jun 1980 - Issue No.10   BREATH_ISS 10-JUN_1980

  • Editorial – The Snowbird Workshop
  • The Natural History of Lung Cancer D M Geddes
  • A Therapeutic 12 Minute Walk J Jones
  • Health and Safety in Respiratory Laboratories
  • Breathing in Harefield A Morgan
  • Impressions of an American Respiratory Therapist in London E Gross

Breath – Oct 1980 - Issue No.11   BREATH_ISS 11-OCT_1980

  • Editorial - Terminological In-exactitudes
  • The Site of Airway Narrowing M R Partridge
  • Respiratory Function Tests in the Selection of Patients for Bronchial
  • Carcinoma Surgery P Lockwood
  • Medical Memo – Pulmonary Emphysema D C S Hutchinson

Breath Contents - 1979 Issues

There appear to have been no issues in 1979


Breath Contents - 1978 Issues

Breath – Dec 1978 - Issue No. 8   BREATH_ISS 8-DEC_1978

  • Editorial – On Dephlogisticated Air
  • An Asthmatic Saga H Hunt
  • Respiratory Physiology Today M Saunders
  • Mixtures for Lung Diffusion Tests
  • AGM Report

Breath – Jul 1978 - Issue No. 7   BREATH_ISS 7-JUL_1978

  • Education & Training J Reed
  • Maximal Flow Volume Loops D Cramer
  • Constitution Amendments S Gough
  • Correspondence
  • Book Review
  • Spring Meeting
  • Executive Committee 

Breath Contents - 1977 Issues

Breath – Dec 1977 - Issue No. 6   BREATH_ISS 6-DEC_1977

  • Second Annual General Meeting Summary
  • Supplement- Quality Control of Blood Gas Analysers B D Minty
  • Executive Committee - Some Differences of Opinion K Houston

Breath – Sept 1977 - Issue No. 5   BREATH_ISS 5-SEP_1977

  • The First Year of the Association L Smith
  • Education & Training
  • Birmingham Meeting
    - Small Airway Function In Welder Dr S Haydn
    - Some Aspects of Bronchial Asthma Dr K Prowse
    - Development of Education & Training for Paramedical Technicians B Jarvis


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