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Inspire Archive 2010-2015

 Inspire Cover(The contents of these editions are also listed on this page
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Inspire Contents - 2010 to 2015 

Inspire Dec 2015 Volume 16 Issue 3 (40th Anniversary Edition)

  • 40 Years Of ARTP Chairs
  • Quadriceps Weakness In COPD; Identification Of A Functionally Relevant Threshold
  • Lung Clearance Index And The Importance Of Standardisation Within Clinical Trials
  • An Audit Of The Utilisation Of Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) To Investigate Shortness Of Breath In A Respiratory Clinic
  • 40 Years Of The Manufacturers
  • From The Archive
  • Timeline

Inspire Aug 2015 Volume 16 Issue 2

  • The President’s Address
  • The Importance Of Spot-Check Arterial Oxygen Saturation Monitoring In Patients Referred For Pulmonary Function Tests
  • A Comparison Of FRC Equilibrium At 30s Stability With FRC Equilibrium At 60s Stability Using The Helium Dilution Method
  • The Set-Up Of A Pulmonary Function And Sleep Laboratory In Nasiriyah, Southern Iraq
  • What Is Involved In Being An ARTP Examination Centre?
  • Hot Topic - Clarification Of Stance For E-Cigs/Vapes In View Of NHS England Statement

Inspire April 2015 Volume 16 Issue 1

  • Challenging Current Perspectives On The 2 Minute Tidal Breathing Method For Bronchial Challenge And Providing A New Rationale For Modifying Current Practice
  • A Report From The EASD/ERS Summit On Medical Devices Legislation
  • Manufacturers And Suppliers Survey Report 2014/15
  • Minutes Of The 39th Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Poster & Spoken Presentations ARTP Annual Conference

Inspire December 2014 Volume 15 Issue 3

  • Academy Of Healthcare Science Inaugural Congress
  • A Basic Guide To Continuing Professional Development (CPD) And Registration Bodies
  • Variation In Quality And Safety Practices In Respiratory Physiology Laboratories Across The United Kingdom
  • GLI Update
  • Lung Function Testing In Tracheostomy And Laryngectomy Patients—Part II

Inspire August 2014 Volume 15 Issue 2

  • Lung Function Testing In Tracheostomy And Laryngectomy Patients
  • A Student Experience In A Paediatric Laboratory
  • From Adults To Paediatrics
  • Professional Registration

Inspire April 2014 Volume 15 Issue 1

  • The New National COPD Audit Programme
  • Blackpool 2014 Exhibition Report
  • Manufacturers Survey 2013/14
  • Minutes Of The AGM 2014

Inspire December 2013 Volume 14 Issue 3

  • ARTP President Vote
  • ERS Grant Winners
  • Performing Lung Function On Patients With Nontuberculous
  • Mycobacterium
  • Introducing The Committee—Paediatrics

Inspire August 2013 Volume 14 Issue 2

  • Why ARTP Needs The ERS- And Vice Versa
  • Lung Clearance Index: A Brief Overview Of Differences In Testing Methodology
  • How Best To Use Your Lung Function Data
  • Buried Alive!

Inspire May 2013 Volume 14 Issue 1

  • Interpretation Of Longitudinal Spirometry Data Using Different Reference Equations
  • Respiratory Muscle Electromyography: A Novel Tool In The Assessment Of Respiratory Disease
  • Life As A Locum
  • Meet The Lab - (Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne)
  • Minutes Of The AGM
  • Administrative Support In Resp/Sleep Depts
  • ARTP Conference 2013 Poster Abstract Titles
    Appendix 1
  • ARTP Conference 2013 Exhibition Report

Inspire February 2013 Volume 13 Issue 3

  • Investigating Arterilised Earlobe Capillary Blood Gases: The Role Of Sampling In Relation To The COPD Population – A Survey Of Practice
  • Highlights Of The International Paediatric Sleep Association (IPSA) Congress 2012

Inspire October 2012 Volume 13 Issue 2

  • Press Release – Formal Launch Of AHCS
  • Update On IQIPS Accreditation For Respiratory And Sleep Services
  • Techniques In Focus: Sampling From The Nose
  • The Global Lung Function Initiative

(NB: Clerical error: there never was a Volume 13 Issue 1 !)

Inspire May 2012 Volume 12 Issue 1

  • The Nut That Holds The Steering Wheel - A Review
  • Spirometry And The Olympics: A Historical Review
  • Exhibition Report From The ARTP Conference 2012
  • Back On The Frontline
  • AGM Minutes 2012
  • Modernising Scientific Careers: A Students Perspective

 Inspire December 2011 Volume 11 Issue 4

  • Changes to the Drug Development process: Testing Patients sooner
  • ARTP Oxygen Group - Update on National Oxygen Procurement
  • ERS: Poster Presenting Experience
  • Are Differences in Diurnal PEF Variation Between Work And Rest Days Sensitive And Specific For The Diagnosis Of Occupational Asthma
  • Survival Analysis Can Help Determine Which Tlco Prediction Equations to Use For Patient Data
  • The Effect of Increasing Apparatus Deadspace Distal to the Pneumotach On Spirometric Measures Made with Jeager MasterScreen and Jaeger MasterScope devices

Inspire September 2011 Volume 11 Issue 3

  • A Guide to Choosing The Appropriate Spirometer
  • Comparison of Two Different Maximal Mouth Pressure Meters in A Range of Respiratory Patients
  • Respiratory Coding – An Update
  • The History of Lung Function Testing in the UK
  • GP Direct Referral Lung Function Pathway
  • (Flyer – Physiology & Practice of Pulmonary Function by JMB Hughes)

Inspire April 2011 Volume 11 Issue 2

  • Hand Held Spirometer Review
  • AGM Minutes 2011
  • The Global Lungs Initiative: Not Just Another Reference Equation
  • Biological Quality Control Data Relating To Lung Function and Cardiopulmonary Exercise
  • Exhibition Report from the ARTP Conference 2011
  • Exploring the ARTP Website

Inspire December 2010 Volume 11 Issue 1

  • An Interview with Dr Sanja Stanojevic
  • The Common Sense Approach to a Good Sleep
  • Book Review - Physiology & Practice of Pulmonary Function by JMB Hughes
  • World Spirometry Day - October 14th 2010
  • An Engineer in Lungland

Inspire September 2010 Volume 10 Issue 4

  • Career in Focus… The Commercial Research Physiologist
  • Obituary - Ian Shuttlewood
  • The Physiology Workforce – The Functional Capacity
  • Inhaled Allergen Challenge
  • AGM Minutes 2010

Inspire May 2010 Volume 10 Issue 3

  • Exhibition Report ARTP Conference 2010
  • COPD Day Audit Pilot Study Opportunistic Spirometry Screening For Individuals at Risk Of COPD 18/11/09
  • Audit of Compliance Using Nice Guideline for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) For the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea / Hypopnoea Syndrome (Guideline No 139 March 2008)
  • New Book Celebrates the Extraordinary Work of Healthcare Scientists
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea; Management of Patients Through The Sleep Lab
  • Summary Report of MSC Discussion with Prof. Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, Department Of Health
  • The New ARTP Website Home Page – An Overview
  • The Mother of All Parliaments
  • ARTP Conference 2010 Abstracts


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