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Inspire Archive 1991-2001

The issues before January 2002 have been scanned.
This unfortunately means that the files are quite large, typically 2-3MB, and so may take some time to download. The resolution of these on-line copies has been optimised to keep the files as small as practically possible.

Because these scanned files are not searchable the contents of these issues have also been reproduced below.
(Some recurring articles eg First Word & On The Blower have been omitted.)

If better resolution copies of an edition are needed please make a request to

If you have a copy of an issue that is missing from the archive please let us know.

Inspire Contents - 2001 Issues

Inspire - Oct 2001 – Volume 3 No.2

  • Message from the Chairman
  • ARTP Staffing Report 2001 B Cooper
  • Transfer Factor Audit T Watts
  • Email Forum Digest K Butterfield
  • Abstract -Pulse Oximetry in a COPD Clinic ZJ Mason, CG Billings, JC Waterhouse, RA Lawson
  • Clinical Physiology Journal Review (Journal of Electrophysiological Technology)

Inspire - May 2001 – Volume 3 No.1

  • National Issues
  • ARTP/BTS Short Course - INterpretation of Lung Function Tests C Gilliland
  • Gas Analyser Linearity Checks Nigel Clayton
  • Exercise Testing in Clinical Practice and Research (Press Release)
  • ARTP Winter Meeting Review S Lowe
  • Abstracts from the Winter Meeting...
    • Health Status in Patients with Idiopathic Hyperventilation is Comparable with Patients with Severe COPD S Jack, L Davis, MG Pearson, PMA Calverley, CJ Warburton
    • Idiopathic Hyperventilation During Wakefullness and Sleep S Lowe, S Jack, CJ Warburton,PMA Calverley
    • An Audit of Reference (Predicted) Values Used in Adult Respiratory Laboratories AJ Moore, AK Butterfield
    • Do Respiratory Function Laboratories Comply with BTS/ARTP Guidelines? AJ Moore, AK Butterfield
    • Non-Invasive Assessement of Gas Excvhange Indices and Ventilatory Response to Exercise Following Heart Transplantation R Carter, OA Al-Rawas, A Stevenson, RD Stevenson, SK Naik, DJ Wheatley 
    • Primary Care Access to Respiratory Assessment in COPD: Pilot Scheme and Follow Up J Van Der Host, R Carter, A Oliver, SW Banham
    • Does Point of Care Capillary Haemoglobin Analysis Improve Interpretation of Gas Transfer Tests? R Anthony, SC Hazard, J Christian, P Dennis, K Dakin, BG Cooper
    • Spirometry - Variability Due To Temperature Correction Algorithms CG Billings, JC Waterhouse, D Fishwick
    • Can a Two Week Trial of CPAP Treatment Return Patients' Perception of Vitality to Taht of the Local Population? JC Waterhouse, JE Brazier, CG Billings, ZJ Mason, D Fishwick
    • An Audit of Lung Function Equipment in the Trent Region BG Cooper, JHD Muirhead, HJ BRiggs, DD Vara, M Jackson, L Knowles, G Martin, F Bradish, JC Waterhouse, L Watson, RE Anthony, C Bradfield, RC Wells, C Roberts, I Caldwell
  • Email Forum Digest K Butterfield
  • ARTP AGM Minutes J Caldwell

Inspire Contents - 2000 Issues

Inspire - Dec 2000 – Volume 2 No.7

  • Press Release Thermo Respiratory Group
  • Email Forum Digest K Butterfield
  • National Issues / Clinical Physiology Statutory Regulation S Hill, A Burge
  • Australia & New Zealand Thoracic Society A Kendrick
  • Bursary Report (Cystic Fibrosis Case Study) J Fallen
  • The Nitrogen Recovery Method of Lung Volume Measurement: A Validation Against Multibreath Helium and Body Plethysmography R Carter, SW Banham, RD Stevenson
  • Special Gases Survey B Cooper

Inspire - July 2000 – Volume 2 No.6

  • Website News K Butterfield
  • AGM Report J Caldwell
  • ARTP Millenium Meeting Report
  • Abstracts from the Winter Meeting...
    • Can a Single Breath Dilution Measurement (Nitrogen Recovery) Give As Good An Estimate of Lung Volume as Multibreath Heliumor Body Plethysmography R Carter, RD Stevenson, A Oliver
    • Assessment for Provision of Nebulisers in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital JC Waterhouse
    • Consideration of Study Design When Assessing Published Effects on Respiratory Health CG Billings
    • Laboratory Assessment of Fitness to Fly in patients with Lung Disease: A Practical Approach AG Robson, TK Hartung, JA Innes
    • Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Technicians Can Do It Too!! HJ MOuld, SC Johnson
    • Is Interupter Airways Resistance (Rtot) Related to Flow Rate? N Eiser, C Phillips, D McLeod
    • Use of the Incremental Shuttle Walking Tests (ISWT) in the Assessment of Patients for Cardiac Transplantation C Newall, M Lewis, RS Bonser, SL Hill
    • Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Function Change in Welders, How Do They Compare to Workplace Exposures? D Fishwick, LM Bradshaw, T Slater, AD Curran, N Pearce
    • Application of Within Breath Forced Oscillometry in Bronchodilator Reversibility Testing MK Johnson, R Carter, RD Stevenson
    • Estimating an Individual's Ability to Work and Play KE Oates,CJ Warburton, DH Davies, MJ Pearson
    • The Role of Inspiratory Capacity (IC) Measurements to Assess Changes in Hyperinflation Post Bronchodilator J Cater, J Harrison, SL Hill
    • Postural Changes and its Influence Upon The Carbon Monoxide Transfer Factor of the Lungs L Hancox, J Harrison, J Carter, SL Hill
    • The Comparison of a Patient Questionnaire to Outcome in the Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome L Mattock, ZJ Pragnell, CG Billings, D Fishwick, JC Waterhouse
    • An Investigation of the Correlation Between Alveolar Volume (Va) and Total Lung Capacity (TLC) JK Lloyd, R Clarke
    • Changes In Health Status During a Two Week Trial of CPAP Treatment ZJ Pragnell L Mattock, CG Billings, D Fishwick, JC Waterhouse
    • Controlled Environmental Exposure to Ammonia in Normal Volunteers - A Pilot Study LM Bradshaw, D Fishwick, AD Curran, C Barber, J Cocker, K Jones, J Farrant
    • The Role of Impulse Ocillometry in The Assessment of Reversibility in Patients with Emphysema Due To Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency J Harrison, J Carter, RA Stockely SL Hill
    • Arterialised Earlobe Blood Gases: Used for Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) Prescription J Ashley, CS Thompson, DL Smith
  • Laboratory Assessment of Fitness to Fly in Patients with Lung Disease: A Practical Approach AG Robson TK Hartung JA Innes
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire - Feb 2000 – Volume 2 No.5

  • ARTP Scottish Forum - A New Initiative G Butcher
  • Executive Update J Lloyd
  • Spirometry Training Issues R Harkawat
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire Contents - 1999 Issues

Inspire - Sept 1999 – Volume 2 No.4

  • Update on Statutory Regulation of Practice SL Hill
  • Oxygen Saturation - The Highs and the Lows L Watson
  • The Realtionship Bewteen Changes in FEV1 and SGaw Following Bronchodilator Administration and its Implication for Assessing Bronchodilator Response in Patients with Airflow Obstrcution R Carter, SW Banham
  • Measurement Matters (1) S Revill
  • Review of Recent Articles
  • Competency In Drug Administration

Inspire - Apr 1999 – Volume 2 No.3

  • Quick Road Test: CPAP Machines BG Cooper
  • Practical Notes: A Point Worth Noting! R Harkawat, L Murray
  • AGM Minutes CJ Benson
  • Bursary Report - BTS Winter Meeting 1998 K Dakin
  • Bursary Report - ARTP Winter Meeting 1998 R Clarke
  • Assessment of Patients with Hyperventilation Syndrome M Bucknall
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire - Jan 1999 – Volume 2 No.2

  • Methacholine Challenge Testing J Harrison, J Carter
  • Professional Issue Update SL Hll
  • Do They Mean Us? L Watson
  • Quick Road Test: Bi Level PAP Machines BG Cooper
  • Audit of Disinfection of Respiratory  Function Equipment in Trent Region D Muirhead
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire Contents - 1998 Issues

Inspire - Sept 1998 – Volume 2 No.1

  • ARTP Bursary Questionnaire Results J Benson
  • An Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing R Carter MK Sridhar, SW Banham
  • The Assessment of Reversible Airways Obstruction in COPD - Is There a Need For Body Plethysmography? S Wimpress
  • Book Reviews 
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire - Mar 1998 – Volume 1 No.10

  • Profile of a Department - Kings Mill Centre
  • Chairman's AGM Report 1997/98 SL Hill
  • Chairman's Letter to the Membership BG Cooper
  • ARTP 25th Conference Pictures
  • A View form the BTS Winter Meeting S Charlesworth
  • The Relationship Between Changes in FEV1 and Sgaw Following Bronchodilator Administration R Carter, SW Banham
  • Review of Recent Articles
  • Clinical Exercise Testing With refernece to Lung Diseases: Indications, Standardization and Interpretation Strategies. An appraisal of ERS Task Force Article ERJ 1997;10: 2662-2689 (Roca & Whipp) S Revill, A Kendrick

Inspire Contents - 1997 Issues

Inspire - Aug 1997 – Volume 1 No.9

  • 1997 ATS Conference - San Francisco  S Wimpress
  • Pilot ARTP Respiratory Services Survey by Questionnaire BG Cooper
  • Review of Recent Articles
  • A Vaildation of the Morgan Transflow System for the Measurement of the Single Breath Transfer Factor R Carter
  • Letters

Inspire - Feb 1997 – Volume 1 No.8

  • Chairman's AGM Report 1995/96 SL Hill
  • Variation of Bronchodilator Response With Age EC Smith
  • Assessment of Severity of Impairment in Lung Function Testing - Comparison of Stanfdardised Residuals and Percent Predicted L Phillips, LWatson, WJM Kinear
  • Long Term Oxygen Therapy IJ Cliff
  • CPAP The Truth L Phillips
  • ARTP Winter Meeting Nov 1996 
  • A Method for Measuring SNIP (Sniff Nasal Inspiratory Pressure) Using the PK Morgan pmax Monitor - "SNIPs for a Snip" L Watson
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire Contents - 1996 Issues

Inspire - Aug 1996 – Volume 1 No.7

  • Perth '96 AH Kendrick
  • Winter BTS J Ashley
  • Results of Training Funds and Meetings Questionnaire
  • Book Review - Interfacing the IBM PC to Medical Equipment
  • Letters (Name Change?)
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire - Feb 1996 – Volume 1 No.6

  • Report on the Winter ARTP Meeting C Thomas
  • Environmental Carbon Monoxide Pollution Levels and the Carbon Monoxide Single Breath Transfer Test - A Perspective L Phillips
  • Review of Recent Articles

Inspire Contents - 1991 to 1995 Issues


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