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Inspire Archive 1996-2002

Inspire Stack

The issues before January 2002 have been scanned.
This unfortunately means that the files are quite large, typically 2-3MB, and so may take some time to download. The resolution of these on-line copies has been optimised to keep the files as small as practically possible.

Because these scanned files are not searchable the contents of these issues have also been reproduced below.
(Some recurring articles eg First Word & On The Blower have been omitted.)

If better resolution copies of an edition are needed please make a request to

Inspire Contents - 2002 Issues

Inspire Jan 2002 - Volume 4 No.1

  • ARTP Administrator’s update Jackie Hutchinson
  • Executive News
  • List of registered spirometry training centres
  • ARTP Report to British Thoracic Society Brendan Cooper
  • National Issues (RCCP)
  • National Assessment 2001 results
  • News from the ARTP Scottish Forum Andy Robson
  • Exercise Limitation In Cardiac Failure Carter R, Stevenson A, Al-Rawas O A, Stevenson R D

Inspire May 2002 - Volume 4 No.2

  • The Interrupter Technique for Measuring Airway Resistance (Rint) Pedr Bridge
  • A National Survey Of Spirometry In Primary Care  B G Cooper, E Sergeant, G R Barnes, S L Hill
  • ARTP 2002 Conference Reports Michelle Agnew, Paul Kingston & Jenny Iosson
  • Abstracts from 2002 Conference (Various Authors)
  • Heads Of Department Meeting Jane Caldwell
  • Minutes Of The AGM Jane Caldwell
  • Feasibility and Interpretation of Forced Expiratory Manoeuvres in Pre-school Children Oliver C, Aurora, P, Stocks, J

Inspire Aug 2002 - Volume 4 No.3

  • Executive Committee News
  • Scottish Forum Meeting
  • Way Out West Alan Moore
  • ARTP Regional Groups Keith Butterfield
  • A Note From The Webmaster Keith Butterfield
  • Sleep Course Report Stephen Todd & Vicky Green

Inspire Contents - 2001 Issues

Inspire – May 2001 – Volume 3 No.1

  • National Issues New opportunities for Health Care Scientists
  • A Report on the ARTP/BTS Short Course Interpretation of Lung Function Tests C Gilliland
  • Gas Analyser Linearity Checks Nigel Clayton
  • Exercise In Clinical Practice and Research – Press Release
  • The ARTP Winter Meeting 2001 S Lowe
  • AGM for ARTP 24th Feb 2001

Inspire – Oct 2001 – Volume 3 No.2

  • ARTP Manufacturers Liaison N Clayton
  • ARTP Staffing Report Dr B Cooper
  • Pulse Oximetry in COPD clinic- Use of Arterial Blood Gas Sampling to Evaluate the BTS Guidelines for COPD Z J Mason, C G Billings, J C Waterhouse, R A Lawson
  • Clinical Physiology - Journal review

Inspire Contents - 2000 Issues

Inspire – Feb 2000 – Volume 2 No.5

  • Executive Update Julie Lloyd
  • ARTP Scottish Forum- A new initiative Gill Butcher
  • Spirometry Training Issues Rita Harkawat

Inspire – Jul 2000 – Volume 2 No.6

  • National Issues, Clinical Physiology Statutory Regulation of Practice
  • News from the Scottish Forum
  • ARTP Website, Latest News Keith Butterfield
  • AGM for ARTP 12th Feb 2000
  • ARTP Millennium Meeting P Marshall
  • Laboratory Assessment of Fitness to Fly in Patients with Lung Disease A G Robson, T K Hartung, J A Innes
  • Transfer Factor Assignment – ARTP National Assessment 2000 A Kendrick

Inspire – Dec 2000 – Volume 2 No.7

  • Scottish Forum Meeting Jill Fallen
  • Summary of Clinical Physiology on Statutory Regulation of Practice
  • Questions raised at the CCP Roadshows
  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science A Kendrick
  • Bursery Report Jill Fallen
  • Scientific Paper- The Nitrogen Recovery Method Of Lung Volume Measurement:
  • A validation against multibreath helium and body plethysmography R Carter, S W Banham, R D Stevenson
  • Ordering Of Special Gases for Lung Function Departments Dr B Cooper

Inspire Contents - 1999 Issues

Inspire - Jan 1999 – Volume 2 No.2

  • Methacholine Challenge Testing Joanna Harrison, Jodie Carter
  • Professional Issues Update Dr S Hill
  • Do They Mean Us? Laura Watson
  • Audit Of Disinfection of Respiratory Function Equipment in Trent Region Dena Muirhead
  • Infection Control Recommendations B G Cooper

Inspire – Apr 1999 – Volume 2 No.3

  • Road Test of CPAP B G Cooper
  • Practical Notes; A point worth noting! Rita Harkawat and Lesley Murray
  • Minutes of AGM
  • British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting Karen Dakin
  • A View from the ARTP Winter Meeting Rachel Clarke
  • Assessment of Patients with Hyperventilation Syndrome Martyn Bucknall

Inspire - Sept 1999 – Volume 2 No.4

  • Update on Statutory Regulation of Practice Dr Sue Hill
  • Oxygen Saturation, The Hhighs and Lows Laura Watson
  • The Relationship Between Changes in FEV1 and Sgaw Following Bronchodilator Administration
  • and Its Implication for Assessing Bronchodilator Response In Patients With Airflow Obstruction R Carter, S W Banham
  • Measurement Matters S Revill
  • Competency in Drug Administration

Inspire Contents - 1998 Issues

Inspire - Mar 1998 – Volume 1 No.10

  • ARTP AGM Chairman report 97/98 Dr S Hill
  • Chairman’s Letter to the ARTP Membership Dr B G Cooper
  • A View from the BTS Meeting S Charlesworth
  • The Relationship Between Changes in FEV1 and Sgaw Following Broncholdilator Administration R Carter, S W Banham
  • Clinical Exercise Testing With Reference to Lung Diseases; Indications, Standardization and Interpretation Strategies S Revil, A Kendrick

Inspire – Sept 1998 – Volume 2 No.1

  • ARTP Bursary Questionnaire Results
  • An Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing R Carter, M K Sridhar, S W Banham
  • The Assessment of Reversible Airways Obstruction in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • - Is There a Need for Body Plethysmography? S Wimpress
  • ARTP Education Update C Thomas

Inspire Contents - 1997 Issues

Inspire – February 1997 – Volume 1 No.8

  • ARTP Chairman’s Report 95/96 Dr S Hill
  • Variation of Bronchodilator Response with Age E C Smith
  • Assessment of Severity of Impairment in Lung Function Testing-Comparison of Standardized
  • Residuals and Percent Predicted L Phillips, L Watson, W J M Kinear
  • Long Term Oxygen Therapy Ian J Cliff
  • CPAP The Truth L Phillips
  • Report of the ARTP Winter Scientific Meeting
  • A Method for Using SNIP Using the PK Morgan Pmax Monitor L Watson

Inspire – Aug 1997 – Volume 1 No.9

  • The 1997 American Thoracic Society Conference in San Fancisco Steve Wimpress
  • Pilot ARTP Respiratory Services Survey by Questionnaire Dr B G Cooper
  • A Validation of the Morgan Transflow System for the Measurement of the
  • Single Breath Transfer Factor Roger Carter

Inspire Contents - 1996 Issues

Inspire - Feb 1996 – Volume 1 No.6

  • Editorial; The Harrogate File
  • Lung Sounds A R Nath
  • Sputum Sol Phase Proteins S L Hill
  • Arterial Oxygenation During One Lung Anaesthesia for Thoracic Surgery E G Bradshaw, E E M Thompson
  • Medical Memo – Fibrosing Alveolitis D C S Hutchison

Inspire – Aug 1996 - Volume 1 No.7

  • De-Vilbiss Burseries to attend International Respiratory Meetings S Revil
  • Perth ’96 A H Kendrick
  • Visit to British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting J Ashley
  • Results of Training Funds and Meetings Questionnaire


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