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Sleep Apnoea Consortium

From 2004 the British Thoracic Society SAC acted as the host organisation for professional bodies, sleep diagnostics and therapeutics manufacturers, patient groups and other related organisations who are “stakeholders” in sleep apnoea.

In 2007 BTS re-organised its structure to form Advisory Groups which have a slightly different remit from the old SAC and are smaller bodies that do not include members from outside the wider sleep apnoea community.

The BTSSAC had been an excellent example of a consortium of interested groups and has been the focus to enable the BTS Sleep Apnoea Course to be developed, the initiative for the NICE CPAP Technological Appraisal as well as other important developments in sleep apnoea services and care.

It has also acted as a focus for public relations about the importance of keeping the profile of sleep apnoea high.

ARTP were keen to nurture and develop this consortium concept and, in June 2008 convened the ARTP Sleep Apnoea Consortium (ARTP SAC) which included representatives from organisations who attended the original BTS SAC.

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