Aims & Objectives

The stated aims of the ARTP SAC are...

  • Raising the profile of Sleep Apnoea nationally, and lobbying for improvements in funding, service provision and infrastructure linked to a strong PR Campaign aimed at key resources providers.

  • To provide a professional body for healthcare staff (especially sleep nurses, sleep technologists and physiologists) to be represented nationally to promote training, voice workforce requirements and generally provide a forum for people responsible for delivering sleep services to share knowledge expertise and information.

  • Supporting the delivery of the NICE CPAP Technology Appraisal that was launched in March 2008..

  • To co-ordinate and act as a focus group for the interested parties in sleep apnoea including scientists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, manufacturers and most importantly patients

  • To feed in to and co-ordinate with the BTS Sleep Advisory Group (BTSSAG) on issues which are of national importance to physicians in sleep and respiration.

  • To develop Standards of Care for the detection and treatment of sleep apnoea

  • To develop training qualifications from NOS Competences for personnel responsible for the provision and support of sleep apnoea services linked to the BTS Sleep Apnoea Consortium Advanced Sleep Course

  • To develop a Voluntary Code of Conduct for the detection and treatment of sleep apnoea services

  • To develop consensus statements to respond to consultations, guidelines and recommendations form DH, Royal Colleges, SIGN, or other relevant organisations (both national and international)


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