SAC Membership

The Membership of the Sleep Apnoea Consortium is laid out in the the Group's Constitution to be ...

a. Four representatives of the ARTP. These will include:

  • A representative of the Association’s Education and Training Committee. (exofficio)
  • A representative of the ARTP Manufacturer’s Liaison Committee
  • A representative of the ARTP Scientific Group
  • A member of the ARTP Executive committee.

b. Two physicians from the British Thoracic Society Sleep Advisory Group.

c. Two representatives of the British Sleep Society (BSS)

d, One representative or contact for of each of the following organisations:—

  • The Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP Lon)
  • The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCP Edin)
  • Royal Society of Medicine (Sleep Section) RSM
  • British Paediatric Respiratory Society (BPRS)
  • The Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists
  • The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care (ACPRC)
  • General Practitioners in Airways Group (GPIAG)

e. Any pharmaceutical or equipment company which is prepared to make a contribution to the running costs of the Consortium. The Consortium should comprise at least 4 different companies which, in the opinion of the ARTP, reflect a spectrum of interests in the field of sleep medicine. Companies will nominate one named individual to attend on their behalf.

Likely companies involved may include;

  • Air Products
  • BOC
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • InterMedical
  • Phillips / Respironics
  • ResMed
  • DeVilbiss Healthcare
  • Stowood Scientific Ltd
  • Covidien

f. A representative from each relevant patient organisation (British Lung Foundation, Sleep Apnoea Trust)


SAC Members


Dr Brendan Cooper            ARTP (SAC Chair)
Mr Keith Butterfield            ARTP
Mr Damian Muncaster        ARTP
Dr Adrian Kendrick             ARTP
Mr Alan Moore                   ARTP



Prof. John Stradling           ARTP Advisors
Prof. John  Gibson            ARTP Advisors
Prof. Neil J  Douglas          President RCP Edinburgh
Mrs Sheila Edwards           British Thoracic Society
Ms Anne Smith                 GPIAG
Prof. Ian T Gilmore             President
Dr Melissa Hack                BTS Parliamentary Sleep Group
Dr Rob  Primhak                British Paediatric Respiratory Society


Allied Disciplines

Dr Simone de Lacy            BSS
Ms Jacqueline Bennett       BSS
Julia Chapman                   BSS
Ms Rachel Garrod              Resp Physios Chair
Ms J Scullion                    RCN
Ms Debbie Smith               ARNS


Patient Representatives

Mr Frank Govan                 Sleep Apnoea Trust
Dr Naemi Eiser                  British Lung Foundation


Manufacturer Representatives

Mr  Darren Umbers            Respironics (UK) Ltd
Mr Ross Sommerville         ResMed (UK) Ltd
Mr Tim Newby                   Devilbiss/Sunrise Medical Ltd
Ms Jill  Nelson                   Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited
Mr Derek Curtis                  Intermedical (UK) Limited
Mr Lyn Davies                    Stowood Scientific
Mr Quentin Sayer               BOC Medical
Ms Christian Saville            Covidien (UK) Commercial Ltd
Mr Ian Buckle                    Air Products
Mr Martin Heller                 Intus Healthcare
Dr Martin Allen                   RSM Sleep Section/RCP London
Mr Dominic Benning           Air Liquide

ARTP Sleep Apnoea Consortium

Absari Choudhury

Trainee Sleep Physiologist

Chris Rogers

Honorary Secretary

John Stradling

Consultant Physician

Martin Allen

Consultant Physician

Roy Dookun

Bitish Society of Dental Sleep Medicine

Adrian Kendrick

Clinical Scientist

Alan Moore

Alan Moore

Professional Clinical Services Manager

ARTP Events Organiser
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Brendan Cooper

Consultant Clinical Scientist

Brendan Cooper is a Consultant Clinical Scientist in Respiratory & Sleep Medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and an Honorary Professor in Respiratory & Sleep Physiology. He is currently the President of AHCS. He has had the privilege of being Hon. Chair (1998-2007) and President (2013-2016) of ARTP. He was the Head of ERS Assembly 9 (2010-2012), and was a Co-Chair of the ERS European Spirometry Driving Licence Task Force and UK Governor to AARC (ICRC) & Co-Chair of ARTP SLEEP. He believes in the highest quality, standards and training in lung function & sleep measurements. He strongly believes that the future of respiratory diagnostics is firmly embedded in the provision of quality respiratory and sleep diagnostics are performed by trained and competent staff to the best standards ARTP can provide. Research is the key to the future of clinical physiologists in the UK and around the world. Clinical measurement requires the validation and evaluation of techniques and equipment and naturally that enters the unique realm of the trained scientist. Writing papers, teaching and answering emails from professional colleagues probably takes up more of my time than I actually realise, however, making a difference for the good of the profession and the benefit of patients is an ideal I expect all my colleagues to adhere to at all times. Finally, I have been a professional sleeper for over 55 years, usually managing a good 7 hours most nights. I prefer Stage 4 sleep best of all.
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Emma Braithwaite

Head of Marketing

Gwilym Davies

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Baker

ARTP Adminstrator

Sally Wright

Marketing Executive

Tim Newby

Director of Marketing


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