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Forum resource for anyone with an interest in Sleep Medicine. This site is just the beginning of a continuously changing idea for a co-operative effort by a group of sleep professionals to take care of their own. Binarysleep is not for profit. The birth of the site is due to what seems to be a desperate need for an impartial source for people working in the sleep industry

Education & Training:


Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists:

The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) is an independent, non-profit certification board that seeks to cultivate the highest professional and ethical standards for polysomnographic technologists by providing an internationally recognized credential.

Professional Groups:


American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM):

Sleep isn't just "time out" from daily life. It is an active state important for renewing our mental and physical health each day. At least 84 disorders of sleeping and waking lead to lowered quality of life and reduced personal health. They endanger public safety by contributing to traffic and industrial accidents. These disorders can lead to problems falling asleep and staying asleep, difficulties staying awake or staying with a regular sleep/wake cycle, sleepwalking, bedwetting, nightmares, and other problems that interfere with sleep. Some sleep disorders can be life-threatening. Sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated by many different healthcare providers, including general practitioners and specialists in neurology, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics and other fields.

"The AASM offers educational opportunities, resources and professional training to help sleep specialists and other medical professionals provide exceptional health care for people with sleep-related problems. "

The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST): 

A "leading organisation for professionals in the sleep technology profession". This organisation promotes and advances the development of the profession in the USA through education and increases the awareness of sleep disorders to the public and other health care professionals.

British Sleep Society:

"The British Sleep Society is a professional organisation whose membership consists of mainly medical, healthcare and scientific workers who have interest in sleep and its medical disorders. The aims of the society are to improve public health by promoting education and research into sleep and its disorders".

European Society of Sleep Technologists (ESST):

"This society aims to promote education, training and interaction between sleep technologists, nurses, clinicians and scientists working in the field of sleep medicine in Europe and beyond."

European Sleep Research Society:

The European Sleep Research Society is an international scientific non-profit organization and promotes all aspects of sleep research. These include the publication of the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR), the organization of scientific meetings, and the promotion of training and education, the dissemination of information, and the establishment of fellowships and awards.

World Association of Sleep Medicine:

This is "an international organization comprised of healthcare professionals primarily active in the field of sleep medicine. The goal of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) is to advance knowledge about sleep and sleep disorders among health care personnel and among the public worldwide."

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