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ARTP Sleep - Who Should Join?

Who Should Join ARTP Sleep?

ARTP Sleep represents and supports all healthcare professionals in the delivery of care, training and development of sleep physiology measurement and therapeutic services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • ATOs and HCAs working in oximetry clinics
  • Sleep physiologists and technologists involved in PSG units
  • Sleep and NIV nurses
  • Physiotherapists involved in sleep apnoea services
  • Physicians in sleep medicine
  • Orthodontists and maxillofacial technicians who support sleep and snoring clinics
  • General Practioners with an interest in sleep medicine (GPwSI & non-GPwSI)

  ARTP Sleep - New Member Application Form 2019

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Sleep Membership FAQs

Can I apply for ARTP SLEEP Membership only?

How much is ARTP SLEEP Membership?

I am an existing ARTP member but wish to renew only as a member of ARTP SLEEP. Is this possible?

Is it possible to hold joint ARTP/ARTP SLEEP Membership?

What are the expectations for ARTP SLEEP Members?

What courses will be offered by ARTP SLEEP?

What will ARTP SLEEP Membership offer?

Who should join ARTP SLEEP?

Will I have to pay an additional membership fee/renewal fee to include ARTP SLEEP with my ARTP membership?


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