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ARTP Spirometry Paper Based System - Info for Current Candidates

You may be aware that ARTP have recently changed the way we deliver training and assess competence for entry onto the National Spirometry Register. If you registered for certification with ARTP before March 2018, you are currently undertaking the paper based system.
A deadline of 5th Mach 2018 was set for this route, and after this date all applications must be made to The Institute of Clinical Science and Technology. 

What does this mean for me?

All candidates registered on the paper based system must have completed their portfolio by 31st October 2018 and completed their practical examination by 31st December 2018. These dates are to include any extensions or deferrals that have been, or are still to be applied for, and are not in addition to your current deadline. If you are unable to complete by these deadlines, you will need to contact the ARTP or reapply to undergo the spirometry certificate through the Institute of Clinical Science and Technology who are hosting our new online system.

Spirometry Extension / Deferral form

For more information on the new online process please see the following link:


To All Candidates due for Re-Certification:

As of 31st May all Re-Certification applications are handled through our partner provider: The Institute for Clinical Science and Technology (ICS&T). The online application process for re-certification can be applied for using the following link:


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