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Becoming Certified

The ARTP Spirometry Committee is currently working with the Institute of Clinical Science and Technology to develop an online system to guide candidates smoothly through the certification process. Both the certification and recertification  processes have also been streamlined to reduce the amount of duplication required, using interactive features in order to be both intuitive and easy to complete. The stepwise approach to now become certified is as following:

Step 1
  • Undertake ARTP approved spirometry training or attend non-approved Spirometry training
  • Or undergo an online learning course through the ARTP (either at Foundation Level, Interpretation Level or the Full Level)
  • Or if you feel that you are sufficiently experienced , with all necessary processes in place, you may be eligible to go straight to Step 2
Step 2
  • Apply to the ARTP to do a Certificate of Competence (either at Foundation Level, Interpretation Level or Full Level)
  • Or if attending a course through Education for Health, the Certificate of Competence will be included
Step 3
  • Complete an Portfolio of Evidence within 6 months
  • Attend a practical examination within a year of starting your Application
  • If you achieved your Certificate through ARTP, you will be able to book your practical examination online – this can be completed before or after completion of the portfolio
Step 4 - Certified


It should be noted that training courses provided by non-approved spirometry centres are set locally. ARTP-approved training is set by ARTP.

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