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How Do I Apply to Become Certified?

The ARTP certificate of competence is the only route to the National Register. It entails a portfolio of evidence  (all levels) and a practical examination (full and foundation levels only). 

The ARTP Spirometry certification process can be undertaken through ICS&T (who host it on behalf of ARTP) as a stand alone process or as part of a certification and training package.

This is the only official assessment routes for Spirometry certification and entry on to the National Spirometry Register which ensures consistency and quality standards. 

Please find below the contact details for ICS&T. Should you have any difficulties applying for ARTP Spirometry training and assessment please contact ICS&T directly, and they will be able to discuss the application process with you.



Institute of Clinical Science and Technology

Phone: 02920 092 828
Address: Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Rd, Cardiff CF11 9LJ


ICS&T application process: for new candidates and for re-certification


 Training programmes (includes assessment and entry onto the Register)
Full certificate (blended/online) –  £500
Foundation certificate (blended/online) –  £500
Interpretation certificate (online only) – £450
Assessment Only (includes entry onto the Register)
Assessment Full certificate (no course) – £225
Assessment Foundation certificate (no course) – £225
Assessment Interpretation certificate (no course) – £175
Course Only (no assessment, no entry onto the ARTP register)
Full Course (no assessment, no entry onto the ARTP register) – £275
Recertification (assessment, entry onto the register and access to the most up to date online course)
Re-certification (Full) – £150
Re-certification (Foundation) – £150
Re-certification (Interpretation) – £150

Entry onto the national register is included in the price of the certificate (with or without a course).

f you wish to apply for the Paediatic Spirometry Certificate, please contact for more information. 



Where can I be trained in Spirometry? - By applying for the ARTP approved training and assessment package delivered by ICS&T or attending training provided through any other provider (but this will not be regulated by ARTP).

How do I join the ARTP National Spirometry register? - The only current process is through the assessment via the following providers:


  • Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology
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    • Fax: 0121 355 2420
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